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"They call that one Yogo. He has been protector of Elysium for as long as anyone can remember." – Zyzyx, first time Yogo is encountered

Yogo, as he appears in character selection screen.

Yogo is a Mystic in the service of Persephone. He is one of the oldest wizards (or even beings) in the world of Sacrifice. He is Persephone's elite wizard reserved only for the most crucial missions related to the very safety and interests of Elysium.


History of the Old Mystic[]

Except for the fact that Yogo's service to Persephone has been a very long one, not much is known about Yogo before the events of the campaign took place. From one of his quotes, it can be deduced that he is old enough to have taken part in the War of Purification.

Battles of the Old Warrior[]

Yogo's first course of action in the campaign is the unsuccessful defense of Urghaz, where he tried to stop the invasion of Pyro's Proles and the insidious plan laid out by Faestus to create the Firefists from the local population of Trolls.

The next mission, that was deemed important enough for Yogo to participate in, was the retaking of the Demon Gate of Golgotha (in case Eldred was not serving Persephone). He failed in this mission too, even without the betrayal of Stratos and the wizard who was helping Yogo, which happened later as a result of this mission.

His later acts were restricted to defending Elysium's capital of Idylliac from the attacks of Stratos', Charnel's and Marduk's champions, depending if the player was doing missions for those gods (or Pyro in Marduk's case).

Fate of the Old Man[]

Yogo has certainly not survived the campaign. During Persephone's and James' final missions he is presumed to have perished alongside everyone serving Persephone in Marduk's onslaught on Elysium. During Stratos' and Charnel's attacks on Idylliac, he is killed by Eldred when Persephone's ultimate altar is desecrated. During Pyro's attack on Arborea, he is presumed to have been killed by either Jadugarr or Hachimen.

Name Etymology[]

The source of Yogo's name is unknown.

Wizard Stats[]

For all of the missions he participates in, he shares the same values as any wizard, but also has:

The only exception to these is Charnel's fifth mission in which he receives no bonuses.

His color in every mission is always green, representing his patron goddess, Persephone.


Multiplayer Taunts[]

  1. You shall defile Elysium no longer!
  2. You have damned yourself!
  3. Goddess... grant me strength.
  4. The Goddess is with us!

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