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Warmonger CR-icon-Warmonger.png
Associated God Pyro
Level 7
Type of Creature Glass Cannon
Creature Classes Ground, Ranged
Number of Souls 4 BlueSoul.png
Creature Statistics
Health 1200
Mana 500
Damage 2400 (120 x 20)
Accuracy 1500
Attack Speed 2.5 s
Movement Speed 8 m/s
Resistances and Weaknesses
Melee -300%
Direct Ranged 0%
Splash Ranged 0%
Direct Spell 0%
Splash Spell 0%
Creature Abilities
Pyro's Stats
CA-icon-Firewalk.png Firewalk

Warmonger is Pyro's level 7 creature.

Creature Information[]


"The warmonger's got a very powerful gun and he can travel from one spot to another in a flash" – Zyzyx, The Chasm Widens (Pyro)

The Warmonger is a powerful creature. Undoubtedly, it does resemble a Styx in appearance and form, but its attack and prowess in battle is very different from that of a Styx. It has a very fast attack speed and attacks using a weapon that resembles a machine gun, firing with it in bursts. No matter how you look at it, the Warmonger is worth the souls it costs.

The creature is obtained along with Rain of Fire and in campaign is received in Pyro's seventh mission. It shares its unit model with Maelstrom and Styx.

Name Etymology[]

Warmonger is named after a pejorative term describing people in want of war.



  • Attention!
  • Commander?
  • Orders, sir?

Movement Orders[]

  • Executing orders!
  • On the move!
  • Sir, yes, sir!

Attack Orders[]

  • Attack!
  • Cover me!
  • For Pyro!


  • Sir!
  • Permission to speak freely?
  • What?!
  • You cannot say no, sir!
  • They always say: "Permission granted!"
  • Ah, I forgot what I wanted to say.

While Attacking on Melee[]

  • Suppressing fire!

While being Attacked[]

  • I'm hit!

Abilities and Tactics[]

General Information[]

Warmongers are some of the hardest hitting creatures. They deliver large amounts of damage in relatively quick succession, via short bursts. As with styxes this is precluded by a short delay, with the latter lighting a fuse.

In large numbers (more than five) a line of warmongers can kill even the strongest creatures in a matter of seconds. THey are also effective against clusters of enemies, which makes them almost invincible to melee creatures.

They are fragile though, possible to take down in two basic offensive spells.

As to their movement speed, they're average: slower than most wizards, faster than most artillery.

Special and Passive Abilities[]

Special Ability: Fire Run--Can teleport for short distances.


Warmongers are useful for extermination and conquest. Their successful deployment largely consists of compensating for their weaknessess: the delay before opnening fire, low health and short range. A wise wizard fighting against a group of wamongers will stay at range and use attrition to their advantage. Artillery for example can make short work of warmongers, as can ranged spells. Although attacking warmongers at close range is a risk, if they're moving, smaller and quicker creatures can wipe them out comparatively quickly.

Another useful strategy is to exploit the delay before they open fire. creatures with knockback/stun abilities can prevent a warmonger from firing, opening a window of opportunity to finish them off.


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