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Sacrifice's voxography is expansive, consisted of many voicing roles by many fine voice actors and actresses. The list in the table below covers them all.


Name of the Voice Actor/Actress
Voicing role in Sacrifice
Grey Delisle Sorcha
Jonathan David Cook * (?)
Bill Farmer (?)
Kath Soucie Shakti
Brad Garrett James
Kevin Michael Richardson Pyro
Cam Clarke (?)
Melissa Disney (?)
Castulo Guerra Charnel
Michael Bell (?)
Charlie Adler (?)
Michael Gough(?)
Cory Burton (?)
Neil Ross (?)
Dwight Schultz (?)
Pat Fraley (?)
Eli James Keltner * (?)
Pat Pinney (?)
Frank Welker (?)
Paul Eiding Eldred
Greg Berger (?)
Rob Paulsen Zyzyx
Jan Rabson (?)
Rodger Bumpass Faestus
Jason Marsden Earthfling
Susan Silo Seerix
Jeff Bennett Ambassador Buta
Tara Strong Sylph


Jennifer Hale Persephone
Tim Curry Stratos
Jess Harnell (?)
Tony JayMithras
Joe Lala (?)
John Kassir (?)


† – Denotes that the voice actor has passed away (as of mid-2012).
* – Denotes that the voice actor is of low prominence and as such not much is known about him and his acting roles.

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