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Currently inactive. -- kertaw48 (Talk) 21:58, June 7, 2013 (UTC)

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It's for personal use, so don't expect to find anything very interesting.


Well if you've come here, you probably came to learn something of that guy whose name is everywhere on this wiki. If not, quickly click BACK on your web browser.

Kertaw48's the name, but you can call me just Kertaw (or Mr. 48 if you really insist on the formalities). I'm just a Sac fan with a LOT of spare time on my hands.

I've played Sacrifice waaay back... In fact so very long ago I can't remember exactly when. The game has resurfaced to my attention somewhere around the end of 2009, and after some pondering, I decided to build a wiki around it (in February) and the good people at wikia were kind enough to provide me with one (not that there was any begging involved, I still have my pride). It's almost a year later and I'm still building it (slooowly). My main idea is that I build a skeleton of this wiki and then let a certain Sac community continue on this legacy in my name (I'm not dying yet, so don't get your hopes up, it's just that I'm slowly losing interest).

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