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Ahh, Toldor, now there's an old fellow. I heard that he is almost as old as the gods themselves. Things must be very serious for Persephone to lend us his aid.Zyzyx, Desperate Measures (Persephone)
Toldor CR-icon-Toldor.png
Associated God Persephone
Level 7
Parent Creature Ent
Creature Classes Ground, Melee
Number of Souls 4 BlueSoul.png
Hero Statistics
Health 5625
Mana 1000
Damage (?)
Attack Speed (?) s
Movement Speed 8.75 m/s
Resistances and Weaknesses
Melee 91.875%
Direct Ranged 95.625%
Splash Ranged 95.625%
Direct Spell 0%
Splash Spell 97.5%
Creature Abilities
Persephone's Stats

Toldor is Persephone's level 7 hero.


Ancient One[]

Toldor is an ent from Arborea and one of the oldest beings in the game, probably being able to remember the War of Purification. He doesn't show up very often, most likely due to his role as protector of his homeland.

Loyal Protector[]

If Eldred chose to serve Persephone, Toldor will join his forces in Dys, and he will serve him as long as the Karma with Persephone doesn't drop too low (meaning Eldred will have to continue serving either Persephone or James). If the player chose to serve Stratos or Pyro, Toldor will be slain defending Arborea. Also if the player serves Stratos and doesn't reveal himself to Shakti, Toldor will be the one who unveils Eldred and his master as traitors. If the player continued to serve Charnel or James, Toldor would be killed by Stratos, Marduk, or simply because of his allegiance to Persephone, perishing alongside his Goddess. Either way, Toldor only survives the game if the player serves Persephone or James and is kept alive at all times.

Name Etymology[]

The source of Toldor's name is unknown.

Related Missions[]

Controllable during[]

Encountered as Foe during[]


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