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"There's the Ragman. They used to call him the master of terror, before Acheron displaced him." – Zyzyx, first time the Ragman is encountered

The Ragman, as he appears in character selection screen.

The Ragman (also known as just Ragman) is one of Charnel's wizards skilled in the art of necromancy and also his former champion.


Rise and Fall[]

Some time before Sacrifice's campaign took place, Ragman was Charnel's champion, even going as far as being known as the Lord of Terror. After failing to carry out the will of the unforgiving God of Slaughter, he was replaced by Acheron. As a punishment, Ragman was chained to a rock in a cavern in Solis, where the dragons who lived there participated in torturing him. During his long imprisonment, he took control of the mind of the dragon matriarch Sirocco.

Unleashed Again[]

Using Sirocco's influence over the other dragons, Ragman sowed chaos across the Glebe, most notably in Quorog, where a massacre was committed upon the local farmer population by the infuriated dragons. After he was released by Charnel, and subsequently banished by the forces of James, he was given the fortress of Karn, as promised by the treaty between Pyro and Charnel, to use as an outpost for the forces of the new alliance against the Glebe. Ragman was ultimately killed in the retaking of Karn, regardless of the god the player served. His actions since his releasement are even later renounced by Charnel, when he tried to ally himself with James, thus breaking his alliance with Pyro, the one Ragman so vividly represented in the eyes of the Yeomen and James.

Terror's Downfall[]

Ragman has certainly not survived the campaign. He died in Karn, regardless of player's actions.

Name Etymology[]

Ragman probably received his name from a DC Comics superhero with the same name.

Wizard Stats[]

For all of the missions he participates in, he shares the same values as any wizard, but his bonus stats vary from mission to mission:

His color in those missions is always purple, representing his patron god, Charnel.


Multiplayer Taunts[]

  1. I'll swallow your soul!
  2. Feed me!
  3. I hunger!
  4. <laughter>

Related Missions[]

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