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"What a crock! That meddler Stratos probably put Mithras up to it to make my victories look bad, but Pyro won't be fooled.
I will do just what they won't expect. I will invade!
" – Pyro, The Prophecy (Intermission)

The home of the trolls is about to get ransacked.

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Map of Urghaz (full image)

Starting Setup[]



ELDRED: At the bidding of the traitorous gnome Faestus, Pyro decided to invade Urghaz.
ZYZYX: Home of the trolls.
MITHRAS: I'm not surprised. Trolls and gnomes may be traditional followers of Persephone, but they have had a long history of conflict.


Pyro remains unconvinced by the prophecy and suspects it was fabricated to undermine his latest campaigns. So he decides to strike Elysium again. At Faestus' suggestion, you are sent to Urghaz, home of the trolls (a species not very popular with gnomes such as Faestus) to conquer it, for reasons, at least for now, unknown.

You should start by summoning your army and building your manalith, respectively, because an attack by a Druid, a Ranger and a Troll is imminent. After you kill and convert them you can either assault Yogo directly or go to collect some more souls. To the east you'll find four peasants and to the west you'll find two Trolls. They're all neutral and are quite easily killed (you can easily kill the Trolls with only a few flying creatures and the peasants using only your newly acquired Fireform).

"I passed control of Urghaz over to Buta and Faestus. What foul purpose they intended I did not know..."


While all this is happening, Yogo, the wizard who is currently protecting Urghaz, will be going around the map building manaliths. When you go to the mana fount down in the valley ahead of your first manalith a Troll will appear behind a rock. It is hostile, but like the one before, it doesn't belong to Yogo. The other Trolls on the map are neutral, but if you attack them they're going to join Yogo's side and start following him if not killed right away.

Yogo's altar is surrounded by three mana founts which he takes over early on in the mission, so destroying them would make his banishment much easier. There are also some manaliths farther away. After Yogo is banished and Urghaz is under your control, Ambassador Buta will arrive with Faestus and four Flame Minions. You will then leave the land to their not-so-gentle care for purposes later discovered.


The boon benefactor for this mission is Pyro. He gives you the boon if you've killed all the Trolls on the map. Each and every one. He doesn't reveal much about the reason why.

There should be a total of 5 Trolls on the map:

  • one that attacks you at the beginning,
  • two by some rocks near a village to west from your altar,
  • one to west from Yogo's altar and
  • one that spawns behind a rock.

Their numbers shouldn't increase, since they are level 3 creatures and Yogo is a level 2 wizard, which means he can't summon them.

There is no karma boost for this boon.

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