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There are no false prophecies...

ELDRED: I was certain trouble awaited me in the Ethereal Realm. I had earned the favor of one god, but the ire of four.
MITHRAS: A frightening prospect.
ELDRED: I had survived forces more dire than these.

Ethereal Realm[]

So you just returned from your casual mission, for which ever god you served, and you hear that a seer (the one you are telling this tale right now) has been brought before the gods to defend his actions. He has augured a vision of his into a dire prophecy.

The Prophecy[]

The gods are four whose work grows cold, as one betrays their laws of old.
Then dark grow deeds and darker hearts, for lost to all are holy arts.
A vagrant comes amidst the gloom, to seal the gaping maw of doom.

The first verse talks about how one god among the five, will or already has used external help to sideline the other four.
The second verse warns that their suspicions will grow and with it the ruthlessness of their actions.
The third and final verse speaks of a wanderer who will come to stop this chaos that the gods have created.

Since all three of you have been present when the prophecy was foretold, you can either recount the ongoing discussion between the gods or you can skip it. The choice changes the later game in no way whatsoever.

The gods reactions to the prophecy vary. They accuse each other, using past sins to explain the ones to come. The growing suspicion Mithras warns about can already be seen. The gods start preparing for the upcoming war.

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