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"Let me assure you, I do not want to destroy the world. That's where all the best slaughter takes place, you know.
But I do have a little something in mind. It is time I reopened the Demon Gate of Golgotha.
" – Charnel, The Prophecy (Intermission)

The forbidden Demon Gate

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Map of Golgotha (full image)

Starting Setup[]



MITHRAS: After hearing the prophecy you agreed to reopen the Demon Gate?!
ELDRED: As I said, I never believed in prophecy. Besides, summoning demons was once a specialty of mine.
ELDRED: But I am straying from the tale. We will return to that later.


Seeing how everybody is going to be busy with the prophesied future war, Charnel intends to, once again, seize control of the Demon Gate of Golgotha, something he could have never done in times of peace. At the start of the mission, Abraxus will explain why: The Demon Gate is off limits to all of servants of Charnel, this ban dating from the War of Purification. She also threatens to send you away by force, if you don't leave peacefully. Since you can't do that (well, you could surrender and start another mission), you must send her away.

After building your army and a manalith, there's not much to do, but to fight Abraxus, since there are no neutral creatures in Golgotha. The only thing you could do, before the fight, is to listen to Charnel's advice and go to the Demon Gate.

"Where is my payment?"

Demon Gate[]

You simply can't miss it. It's a large demon head which can be seen from almost anywhere on the map. In front of it you will find a Netherfiend. If you approach, it will ask you for a soul (if you don't have one, you can always come back later). Since the Netherfiend is a 2-soul creature, you actually profit one soul from this transaction. You could always refuse the offer and it will become hostile, coming after you, so you could convert it for two extra souls without losing one (but not advisable, see below).


Abraxus will be far more difficult to defeat than the other wizards on level 2 missions. She is very fast (her speed has been enhanced with mission's triggers), so she will be able to reclaim her souls very quickly. Gaining a single soul in a fight with her is good enough as is. She also has a Storm Giant with her (an equivalent to your Netherfiend) and mostly prefers to summon Brainiacs which can disrupt you while you're casting spells and building your manaliths. She controls about three manaliths and each has a Frostwolf guardianed to it.

Instead of trying to claim all her souls, you might want to try just keeping her down and not allowing her to rebuilt her army. After you dispose of her creatures, destroy the manalith on which she resurrects, and keep doing that until you destroy them all or until you come to her altar.

But even banishing her won't be easy. With her Lightning spell she will be able to disrupt the process of desecration very easily, so either stand between her and the Sac Doctors or try to avoid her being near her altar when the desecration starts.


The boon benefactor for this mission is Charnel. He gives you the boon if you've fed the Netherfiend a soul, with its ability. Charnel is pleased that you have already found an ally among demons.

This means that aside from the first soul you gave it to join you, you have to give it another soul (making it an equal transaction).

There is no karma boost for this boon.

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