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"Forget all this other nonsense. If you wish to learn something of your new home, I will send you with Sara Bella to unravel one of the older mysteries of this place." – Stratos, The Gods Themselves (Intermission)

Haunted lands of Diallia

  • Karma:
Karma Table
-1 -1 +2 -1 -1

Map of Diallia (full image)

Starting Setup[]


  • Escort Sara Bella to each Haunt
  • Sara Bella must survive

For Sara Bella to examine a haunt you must send her near it. They are highlighted on your map.

The best way to ensure she doesn't die is to not send her in fights at all.


ELDRED: Stratos sent me to Diallia, which had apparently long been under a curse. The curse was never explained to me.
MITHRAS: The temple guardians of Diallia betrayed the Goddess during the War of Purification. After subjecting its inhabitants to her wrath, the Goddess proclaimed that no one could set foot there until a thousand generations had passed.

Wrath of the Goddess[]

Stratos sends you to an expeditionary mission. He wants you to escort Sara Bella to Diallia, so that she can do some analyzing of the place. Long time ago, a treachery by local inhabitants make Persephone order for everyone in Diallia to be killed and all of Diallia destroyed (well except for that one house). Thus, the only remaining inhabitants of Diallia are now ghosts.


Sara Bella wants to talk to these ghosts at the major haunt locations. There are four of them and you can visit them in any order you like. After building your manalith and some Manahoars move along the path and soon you'll be attacked on the road by four Scythes. After dispatching them and collecting their souls (although you won't need more than you're given), send Sara Bella to the mana fount in the center of the village surrounded by ghosts. After a few seconds of analyzing she'll be ready to continue the journey. At the next haunt along the path you'll find two Fallen, a Scythe and a Deadeye. Watch out for the former, because should the Deadeye hit Sara Bella even once it's likely she'll be killed by his poison attack. Further along the path you'll find a third village with two Scythes and five Fallen that will attack you. Again, try to avoid the Fallen focus-firing on Sara Bella.

"This temple must have been magnificent."

The Temple[]

The last haunt (that is if you've done them in this order) is not centered around a mana fount, but rather around a ruined temple. Even though, at first, it appears to be unprotected, very soon a total of six Locusts will come from neighboring islands and attack you. After the last haunt is examined both you and Sara Bella are teleported to the temple and once there, she'll explain the metaphysical reasons behind the strange phenomenon in Diallia.


The boon benefactor for this mission is Stratos. He gives you the boon if Sara Bella is at full health when the mission ends.

To make sure she isn't hurt, don't send her in combat at the last haunt you visit and heal her before you send her there, just in case, because even a single point of damage on here, unregenerated by her constant movement, will cause you to forfeit the boon.

The karma boost for this boon is as follows:

Karma Table
0 0 +2 0 0


  • It appears that Persephone was to appear during this mission, but the idea was scrapped during map development.
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