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"I intend to build factories in the Daven Forest, which is a haven for antiquated Druidic thinking. All who do not flee will be enriched by my triumph. You not least of all." – Pyro, The Gods Themselves (Intermission)

The Sacred Daven Tree

  • Karma:
Karma Table
-2 -1 -1 +2 -1

Map of Daven (full image)

Starting Setup[]

  • An altar
  • 4 souls
  • 2 Cogs, a Flame Minion and a Spitfire


  • Claim the forest for Pyro
  • Strike down all who resist
  • Faestus must survive
  • Destroy the Daven Tree


The first two objectives are merely symbolic and are more like guidelines than objectives.

Since there are hardly any melee creatures in this mission, keeping Faestus alive won't be that difficult.

The Daven Tree won't be attacked unless all of the defenders standing between it and the advancing Pyro's Proles and are all dead (yourself included).


ELDRED: The Daven Forest was a bountiful woodland.
MITHRAS: It is the ancient homeland of the Fyllid race, who serve Persephone as Druids and Rangers.


For your first mission, you are commanded by Pyro to conquer the Daven forest and kill all who oppose you. When you arrive to Daven a scout will tell you about the possible choices for advancing. After building your manalith, few Manahoars and summoning some additions to your army, set off for the village (the one that the scout mentioned before). There you will find a couple of peasants and a gnome. The peasants are not hostile, but you can kill them for souls. The gnome Faestus will express his sympathy for Pyro's cause and join you.

The Bridge or the Valley?[]

From the village you have two choices: either take the direct road across the guarded bridge or secretly take the longer path through the valley.

  • The bridge is guarded by a Druid and two Rangers and they remain neutral as long as you don't try to cross the bridge or attack them. After they have become hostile, the druid will try to run to the nearby manalith to call for reinforcements (a couple of Shrikes), so he should be killed first. After they've all been dispatched and the manalith destroyed (and preferably replaced with your own), simply continue along the path.
  • In the valley you'll get ambushed by three Rangers. After killing them the rest of the creatures along the way will become hostile. Next is a manalith with a Shrike. After you kill him, four Shrikes at the next manalith will attack you. When they're finished off, simply continue along the path.

"... by the Fiery Lord's decree, all who resist shall be slain."

The Tree[]

Going either way you'll reach your destination, the Daven Tree. After giving a speech about Pyro taking over Daven, one of the Druids will explain to you that Daven is a holy place to them and that they are willing to die defending it. From here you again have two options:

Betray Pyro[]

You could join Persephone's forces in defending the Tree. Pyro will condemn you as a traitor, so all of Pyro's creatures will abandon you and you'll be left with only your Manahoars and souls (you can always kill all your creatures beforehand for souls). However, you're not alone, for an army of two Druids, a Ranger and two Shrikes will join you. After a moment or two to regroup, regardless of how many creatures you had, you'll be attacked by two of every Pyro's level 1 creatures. If you kill them while not allowing them to destroy the Tree, you have successfully passed this mission. In this case you'll receive the following karma:

Karma Table
+4 0 0 -4 0

Ignore the Druid[]

Or you could stay with Pyro and destroy the Tree. All of the Faithful on the map will become hostile and be sent to defend the Tree. Some of the creature, most notably shrikes from the valley path, will join the defenders, if not already dead. Still, being no match for an army backed up by a level 1 wizard they'll be easily defeated. After that, there is only the simple matter of destroying the Tree. You could always rush in for the kill, by ordering all of your creatures to destroy the Tree, but, unless you have a larger army than the one you initially started with, you could sustain heavy loses and might be forced to retreat.


The boon benefactor for this mission is Charnel. He gives you the boon if you've joined Pyro and killed all the peasants in the village near the Daven Tree (11 total). He is pleased to see the slaughter of the innocent and he even goes as far as calling you an artist.

Be sure, however, not to convert any of the aforementioned peasants. If you do, you won't get the boon. The peasants in the first village where you met Faestus don't count and don't have to be killed.

The karma boost for this boon is as follows:

Karma Table
0 0 0 0 +2
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