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"Would you be a servant of justice and strive against the hand of wickedness? Show Us. Carry Our message of peace to the quarreling Gnomes in Pelannon." – Persephone, The Gods Themselves (Intermission)

"Those who cannot be purified by the word must be purified by your wrath."

  • Karma:
Karma Table
+2 -1 -1 -1 -1

Map of Pellanon (full image)

Starting Setup[]


Keeping one Peasant alive won't be hard since one is already at your altar from the start and the enemy doesn't attack them anyway. They are more focused on attacking you (but not your altar). To defeat Thestor you have to either destroy all the creatures around him or simply kill Thestor himself.


ELDRED: Pellanon, I learned, was where the gnomes gathered every seven years to elect a high king.
ZYZYX: Rumor had it that the chieftain Thestor would be disqualified for giving haven to his brother Faestus, who had been exiled by the last high king.

Stopping the Violence[]

Upon your arrival to Pellanon you are informed by a Peasant that the gnomes are fighting and that the villagers might be harmed. Persephone then orders you to stop the violence by either convincing the gnomes to stop or stopping them by force. The small army that you are given will be sufficient for that task. There's also a mana fount near you altar for your initial mana income. After further venturing you'll run into a village in which a Gnome is fighting three Locusts. He'll tell you that Charnel is helping Thestor and then he joins you against them. After finishing off the Locusts (the Gnome, due to his range, can handle them alone) you can either follow the path south-east to the second village or speed up the mission by going north-east over the hills to a third village.

"Stop your fighting and come with me.
Or I will strike you down myself.

Stench of Death[]

Going anywhere will net the same results: you'll find Peasants (some even dead), a mana fount in the middle of each village and some level 1 Charnel's Minions. They will be easily dispatched (in the second village you'll find 3 Scythes and in the third 3 Fallen, so make sure to use the level 1 creatures rock-paper-scissors tactic). On the path from the second to the third village you'll find two Gnomes shooting at each other. After a little shouting by yourself they'll join you, so heal them and continue.


In the fourth and final village you'll be greeted by Thestor and his creatures. After your another attempt at diplomacy, they'll kill a peasant to show you how much they agree with you. The inevitable will come and you'll have to fight them. Here you have two choices: either kill Thestor or the creatures around him (the benefits of this choice are shown at the Boon paragraph). Either way you've completed the mission, and all there's left to do is to watch a pair of Blights descend upon the peasants at your altar and Jadugarr's brave use of lightning and ice against them. He also leaves you a cryptic message that you'll only be able to understand later on.


Surprisingly, the boon benefactor for this mission is Charnel! He gives you the boon if you've killed Thestor before killing his minions. He doesn't reveal much about the reason why (most probably for showing no mercy).

However you should consider carefully whether or not you will kill Thestor, because if you spare him, you get to keep him on all of Persephone's future missions (also you get to hear his pitiful plea for life).

Also for saving Thestor from Charnel's Minions you can get a boon from the Goddess.(?)

The karma boost for this boon is as follows:

Karma Table
0 0 0 0 +2


  • It appears that Faestus should have been in Pellanon instead of Thestor, but the idea was scrapped during map development.
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