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"One of my altars' been abandoned, and I'd like to know why. Please go, and... and, see what you can see." – James, The Gods Themselves (Intermission)

A mysterious slaughter...

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Map of Quorog (full image)

Starting Setup[]


  • Find the village Quorog
  • Find all surviving farmers
  • At least one farmer must survive
  • Destroy the cave entrances

The village is hard to miss. Just follow the paths and you'll get there.

After that, to find the farmers, simply go to the remote hut near the village.

The two farmers that meet you in the village can't die. That doesn't necessarily mean you can just beat them senseless. James will kill you.

All five caves are marked on your minimap, so you shouldn't have any problem finding them.


ELDRED: The altar of which James spoke was near a small fungus farming community called Quorog, occupied largely by farmers and the cave dwelling troggs.
ZYZYX: Simple folk like that are normally very regular in their offerings, so we knew their inactivity meant trouble.


James is worried that something happened to his followers in Quorog, so he sends you to investigate. After you have familiarized yourself with your creatures, built a manalith and summoned manahoars, set out to the village. There you will find that most of the farmers have been killed. Two (living) farmers will appear with a Dragon Hatchling chasing them. After disposing of the hatchling, go to the hut not far from the village. There, some farmers will tell you where to find the dragon caves.


Destroying the caves is simple enough. Just send Gammel and/or some Gargoyles on a series of waypoint attacks to do it while you lie back and do nothing (you could always follow them in your spiritual form). This is the simplest possible way. But when sending your army to destroy the caves watch out that you don't send them over to the real dragon.

"Follow me, sons of James!"


There is a single Persephone titan on the map. A Dragon. Unlike the weak hatchlings, it can fly (and it eats level 1 wizards for breakfast). If you really have an urge to fight it, move towards the highest mountain on the map near the three most northern caves. When you see four Troggs running to you, you should also see a massive dragon right behind them. The best way to kill it is to attack with multiple Earthflings. When it's killed, there is nothing left on the map that can attack your flyers.


The boon benefactor for this mission is Persephone. She gives you the boon if you've spared at least five Hatchlings. She is pleased that you didn't slaughter them all, even though they killed most of the villagers.

The karma boost for this boon is as follows:

Karma Table
+2 0 0 0 0
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