"What a strange and beautiful world I beheld, but dangerous too, I was certain."

ELDRED: In the realm that was my home, I had devoted my life to study of the arcane. No pursuit was too perilous, no sacrifice too great, until... well... Under the many heavens and in the many worlds, there are darker things than men may dream of. By mere good fortune, recent experiments in conjuration had ensnared me this imp.
ZYZYX: Last time I fall for that one, believe you me.
ELDRED: Only through his guidance was I able to travel across the Astral Void. And that is how I came here.


During the loading screen, you (in the form of Eldred) explain your background to Mithras, how you're a foreigner to this world and how, in your homeland, were a powerful wizard, how you summoned (againts his will) a familiar named Zyzyx to help you cross the Astral Void and how you arrived in this world.


"Hear me exalted spirits."

Ethereal RealmEdit

After your plea to the leading spirits of this world for a shelter and acceptance, the gods appear for the first time in front of you. Each with his or her own story, personality and ideals.

Meet the GodsEdit

This is the first time in the campaign you can control your character. You can move him around the ethereal realm and approach the statues of the five gods to hear their introduction and first mission. It is of little consequence which god you choose as after their first mission you can easily change the god you follow. The god you accept the mission from will grant you your basic spells and creatures. The choice is yours.

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