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"One of my followers has, how do you say, strayed from the flock. I need one such as you to gently usher him back into the fold." – Charnel, The Gods Themselves (Intermission)

Boneyards of Solis

  • Karma:
Karma Table
-1 -1 -1 -1 +2

Map of Solis (full image)

Starting Setup[]


  • Summon 12 Fallen
  • Gangrel must survive

You don't actually have to summon 12 Fallen. You just have to have 12 Fallen to complete the mission. So the Fallen you start with will also counts as one of the 12.

Since there are no flyers to worry about, keeping Gangrel alive shouldn't be too difficult. He does massive damage, so he heals himself with his life stealing attack quickly.


ELDRED: We were sent to the boneyards of Solis, ancient dragon burial grounds. There, we would seek out a necromancer called the Ragman.
MITHRAS: Ah, the Ragman. Before he was displaced by Acheron, the Ragman was known as the Lord of Terror. That was many generations ago.

Burial Grounds[]

Charnel sends you to Solis to return his former champion, the Ragman, into his service once again. Ragman is chained to a rock in a cave, as a punishment for failing Charnel. The chains are so strong that only the massive Scythe named Gangrel can break them (possibly to prevent him from escaping). But that's not the only problem. Before you can set him free you must scare away "the dragons that daily tear on his flesh". Zyzyx suggests using the Fallen, of which Charnel approves. So it is your task to harvest the souls from the local population (servants of James) to summon up an army of 12 Fallen.


After you build your manalith and some Manahoars, you have two choices before leaving your peninsula (the one on which your altar is). You can go south and there you'll find a village centered around a manalith with three farmers and three Troggs protecting it, or you can go north and there you'll find a manalith and three Earthflings, disguised as rocks, that will attack you as soon as you approach them (look for three rocks with roughly the same size and shape). If you've done both, you can kill your own creatures (like Locusts, Manahoars and Scythes, but not Gangrel) for some souls and you should have enough to pass this mission. Or if you're feeling adventurous you can go west from your altar and explore the rest of the island.

Ragman's cave

The Ragman[]

Not long after going there, you'll see the dragoness Sirocco in the middle of a valley. She will give you a tirade of insane screams and will eventually fly away. The manalith down in the valley is yours for the taking since nobody is guarding it. There are two other manaliths in the valley each protected by two to three Earthflings. South of the valley is the cave where Ragman is imprisoned. North of the valley is an altar (with no owner) with two Earthflings along the way. After 12 Fallen are raised a reunion between Ragman and his master will take place.


Surprisingly the boon benefactor for this mission is James! He gives you the boon if you haven't killed any of the farmers (three of them, south of your altar). He doesn't reveal much about the reason why. Supposedly he's happy his civilian followers were spared.

The farmers are neutral to start with so keeping your creatures from killing them should be simple. Just avoid using the attack command near them (or anything with splash damage).

The karma boost for this boon is as follows:

Karma Table
0 +2 0 0 0

Bugs and Notes[]

  • When Sirocco shows up, if you skip the cinematic, you still have time to cast the Insect Swarm at her. If you do, she will go after you and if you attack her with some creature she will stay to fight you and you'll eventually kill her. This is not supposed to happen, as she is still alive in James's 2nd mission.
  • It appears that an Ent should have been in Solis during this mission (probably related to Gangrel's abilities), but the idea was disregarded during map development.
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