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"The offer from Stratos is tempting, but he is as duplicitous as he is cowardly. The enemy you know is better than the ally you cannot trust. Destroy Stratos. Charnel will be next." – Pyro, The End Days (Intermission)

Map of Thryhring (full image)

Starting Setup[]



ELDRED: Outside of Empyrea, Pyro reigned supreme.
ZYZYX: Anarchy ran a close second.
ELDRED: But within the realm of the Lord of the Heavens, little had changed. Only an all-out assault by Buta made possible an attack by Sorcha and myself.

The Initial Attacks[]

With only Stratos and Charnel standing between Pyro and total domination of the world of Sacrifice, the Fiery Lord sends you to Thryhring to knock one of them, Stratos, out of the war. Sorcha is sent to accompany you, but the Empress finally realizes she does not want to serve Pyro any longer and defects to Stratos right on the spot, deciding to help him banish you. With this, you are left facing three enemies alone - which seems like a staggering amount, although certain factors will make the mission easier later on.

Sorcha will also be the first one to reach you, as her altar is much closer to you than either of your other opponents. (She'll only stop to convert two Snowmen.) Build a manalith and take your place on the top of the hill with the icy crystals on it just ahead. Your two Warmongers will serve you well, and you would also do well to summon another Manahoar or two, with only one manalith available to you. There are two good options: either summon a third Warmonger and a Pyromaniac (if they aren't available, two level 1 ranged creatures), or a Phoenix (all the rest should go into Manahoars). The latter is a safer option, while the former allows you to kill Sorcha very quickly and is good for acquiring souls, but needs more micromanagement.

You actually outnumber Sorcha here, especially if Faestus is on your side. Therefore, your focus should be to kill Sorcha and the rest of the creatures will fall quickly. (Don't wait for her; aggressively move out to attack her in the village to the west, or her Warmongers will have more time to catch up.) With the three Warmonger option, send the Pyromaniac (and possibly Faestus) ahead to attract the Phoenix's attention, closely following with the Warmongers who should all concentrate fire on Sorcha. Cast Explosion on Sorcha (or use some other creatures or spells that can stun) to make this easier. You will need to micromanage well; if Sorcha starts running away, the Warmongers arrive or your Warmongers start falling you'll need to have the judgement to realize when it's time to retreat. Use your Warmongers' Firewalk to help retreat if needed and regroup. Still, you should try to ward off this assault without any retreating.

If you go for the Phoenix option, tell the Phoenix to attack Sorcha's Phoenix, then follow up with your Warmongers to cut the fiery beast down fast. After that, order all your creatures to kill Sorcha, using the methods described before. The difference is that as long as your Phoenix is alive you'll have something to fall back upon; everything else dies very quickly in a pitched battle between two sorcerers. Should Sorcha run away, proceed to clean up - you may not win any souls, or even the battle, but you'll be intact and ready for what comes.

You should either kill Sorcha or kill her creatures there. If you've succeeded in killing Sorcha and she's left some creatures behind, convert one, or at most two of them - the ones with the highest soul count (speeding up your Sac Doctors on their way to your altar), preferably - then pull back next to your manalith immediately and waste no time in rebuilding your army.


Acheron will be quick to arrive. The necromancer has brought a very dangerous host with him. He has 2 Deadeyes, 3 Fallen, several Locusts, a Hellmouth and most importantly, the demon lord Astaroth with him. You must rebuild your army by the time he arrives or he'll destroy you completely - and Abraxus is not far away either. You should summon a Phoenix - if you only have Warmongers, have one of them killed by the others and use that to summon the Phoenix. This is needed so that you have one unit who can hit Astaroth without being hit in return.

As Acheron approaches, put on your shield - if Astaroth hits you unshielded, you're done for, and you really don't want to die in this situation. Tell all your units to attack Astaroth, then look at your mana reserves and decide what to do. If you can cast a Volcano, it's a good idea to do it here; you can also go for a more conventional approach, casting Rain of Fire to cause carnage.

Once Astaroth is dead, allow Acheron to collect his soul. (The risk of him being released by a stray spell is not worth the paltry 1 soul he yields.) After him, focus your fire on Acheron to kill him as quickly as possible. Acheron will fall easily to combined Warmonger-Phoenix fire, and he will have to retreat quite a bit. Don't chase his creatures; again, convert one or two creatures if Sorcha isn't in sight yet, but then pull back quickly. Sorcha will come again, and you may also see Abraxus approaching with her army.

More Fighting[]

Sorcha will come again, and she'll bring Warmongers and other creatures (if you're lucky, she'll bring several Tickfernos... for some reason, she likes summoning them on this mission). You should try to defend your position on the top of the hill; if you let the enemies take the high ground, they'll be able to strike at your altar more easily and release any creatures that are being converted at the moment. If all else fails, though, Guardian a few creatures to your manalith (preferably not your Phoenix, who should be used to hunt down the wizards) and hold out.

Abraxus will also follow up; her army includes two Silverbacks and Lord Surtur (if alive), among others. The common Silverback does not kill as fast as a Phoenix or a Warmonger, but in a group they can cause lots of problems with their freezing attacks. Lord Surtur is a very strong hero creature, though, so if he's present, as any heroes, he should be the first target. If you haven't used Volcano against Acheron, now's a good time, but be sure to have your shield on. Abraxus also likes using Tornado, so if she casts the spell, move away quickly.

Acheron may or may not launch a second attack, depending on how successful you were against him the first time. Regardless, soon enough he'll be killed off in a cinematic: it is revealed that Charnel has been slain, likely by Marduk himself, as most of his henchmen are probably still recovering from their defeat at your hands in the previous mission. Any creatures he has nearby will keel over and die, if not already dead, and nobody will pick them up anymore.

At this point, what you need to do is to defend and slowly convert souls. If you can do it right, you'll rack up the souls. If you're having problems, remember: you have a very small mana supply, so don't cast unnecessary spells, and don't be afraid to summon a swarm of lesser creatures to replace the dead ones. It's better to quickly summon a few level 1 creatures than to save up your mana for a Warmonger or Phoenix but be overwhelmed.

The Cleanup[]

Eventually, what you'll experience is that the enemy wizards will stop coming to you. Once this happens, wait until all conversion rituals are complete (as a safety measure), add a brawler as a guardian to your manalith (to slow down anyone who might want to backstab you while you're away) and march on Sorcha's altar (conjure an army of Bombards; 6 should suffice, the more the better, but keep a few Warmongers or Phoenixes for close combat). Most of the time, Sorcha will be off, hunting for mana founts further in Thryhring, abandoning her altar. (It isn't tragic if she stays near her altar though.) This will allow you to get rid of her manalith guardians (3 Phoenixes each, also 1 Warmonger on one of them). Use the Bombards to shoot down the Phoenixes and cast Blind Rage at them to pit them against each other, speeding up the process.

Replace both of Sorcha's manaliths with your own and then desecrate her altar. Sorcha should fall easily, especially if she's coming from far away. Build a Shrine on her altar for security purposes if you want, although Abraxus shouldn't be attacking your altar anymore.

The rest of the mission is just routine cleanup. Abraxus should be weakened and no match for you alone. If Sorcha hasn't picked up the Phoenix and Warmonger souls at her altar, you'll even have 34(!) more souls to convert in addition to the many souls you will already have. There are no traps, no great challenges that await you in the rest of the map; just move ahead, replace the manaliths in your way and eventually desecrate her altar to complete the mission.


  • This is the only mission in the entire campaign where you have to face three enemy wizards from the start.
  • All three instances of Thryhring in the campaign look different. In this map, the peninsula near the final enemy altar (which belongs to Abraxus) is farther away from the altar than in either Charnel's or Persephone's ninth mission.
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