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"As you did challenge Charnel and Pyro before, so must you now confront Stratos. High atop the peaks of Thryhring shall the traitor be granted one final chance for redemption." – Persephone, The End Days (Intermission)

Map of Thryhring (full image)

Starting Setup[]



"The journey to Thryhring was relatively easy. The deaths of Pyro and Charnel had cast much of the world into such chaos as to mask well the movements of a lone wizard." – Eldred

Peace offer[]

You arrive at Thryhring with Persephone's now-standard peace offer. As expected, Stratos refuses, proudly declaring that Marduk serves him. Stratos then sends both his champion Abraxus and Marduk's representative Hachimen against you.


The first priority is to secure the area. Build your manaliths, summon another manahoar and a Dragon, then proceed forwards. You will soon run into Abraxus's and Hachimen's forces. Fortunately, you will have access to a soul-stealing spell (Charm or Bovine Intervention) so be sure to use them on the highest-soul target available, or if Lord Surtur is still alive, you can even use Charm to steal him for you own army, adding another hero to a long list of possible hero creatures in this mission. Use your shield spell before casting either, since the cooldowns are long and Stratos wizards have a lot of ways to interrupt your casting. You also have access to Dragons. Dragons are powerful creatures and handily beat every other unit in the game 1-on-1. If you have been serving Persephone, then you can simply focus your healing spells (Heal, Rainbow and Healing Aura) on your Dragons, preferably with Toldor's Protector aura as well, and they will wipe out Abraxus and Hachimen's units. If any of your Dragons do die, you can simply get another Dragon to use their special ability to revive the fallen Dragon. In fact you can easily complete the mission on the backs of four Dragons or possibly fewer. If you have not been serving Persephone, this strategy is harder to pull off, but you still have Heal, you can still resummon fallen Dragons, you can still get the Dragons to revive one another, and you should have more destructive spells available. The only caveat is that Dragons do not work well in large groups since they obstruct one another. To avoid this, send your Dragons at different targets if possible, and mix in other ranged units.

In terms of threats, there is a Cloudkill trap at one of the center manaliths. If you see this spell - giveaways are the bolts of lightning being shot around and the small black cloud in the sky - run, because it is a high-damage rain spell. However, Dragons are not slow, so you should have little trouble running away until the duration expires.

Further, Hachimen is able to use Death which will make short work of your creatures, including your heroes (Sirocco, Toldor, Thestor and Faestus are all possible heroes depending how you played the campaign). You are able to interrupt the summoning period of Death with Sirocco or a Dragon directly attacking Hachimen. If you are unable to do this, simply make Sirocco or one of your Dragons fly far away somewhere where they won't be killed and bring them back once Death's duration has run out and use Breath of Life to revive your creatures and heroes.

You can desecrate Hachimen's altar or go for Abraxus first. Either way, after passing the center of the map, a cutscene happens.


Marduk teleports into Thryhring with Jadugarr and Marduk desecrates Abraxus's altar. So much for Stratos's claim to control Marduk. With his ultimate altar desecrated and his champion defeated, Stratos is finished; instead, Jadugarr takes over Abraxus's altar and serves as your new opponent. He has a fresh new army including several Yetis and Silverbacks. Again however, he has no answer to your Dragons. Keep doing what you have been doing and his army will crumble too. Once you have desecrated both Hachimen's and Jadugarr's altars, the mission ends.


  • All three instances of Thryhring in the campaign look different. In this map, the peninsula near the final enemy altar (which belongs to Abraxus) is closer to the altar than in Pyro's ninth mission, but unlike in Charnel's ninth mission, it's bigger, with small hills in it, and holds an altar.
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