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As the gods died and chaos spread, a gloomy haze of mistrust and desperation hung over the world. There was a growing sense that these might be the End Days.Eldred

White Knight Again[]

If you have served Persephone or James in the last mission, both will be available to you. The two allies discuss their strategic options; James suggests digging in and defending their capitals while Persephone points out that this is a mistake, as Stratos' and Marduk's forces will keep on growing and will eventually overrun them. Persephone suggests you to go directly to Thryhring, to offer peace to Stratos like to Charnel and Pyro, and topple him if there is no other option. James, on the other hand, wants you to defend Agothera with Grakkus against his numerous enemies while he sends Charlotte to scout for Marduk.

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No Mercy (Persephone)PE-08
No Mercy (James)JA-08
Intermissions PE-09The End Days (Persephone)
JA-09The End Days (James)


With all gods but Stratos and Charnel gone, Charnel now confronts Stratos about his association with Marduk. Stratos denies having summoned the demon himself and promises to hunt him down once Charnel is gone, but Charnel accuses him of lying. You can choose which of them you believe; both gods will be available for you to serve, and both will send you to the other's home island.

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No Mercy (Stratos)ST-08 Intermissions ST-09The End Days (Stratos)
CH-09The End Days (Charnel)


Pyro, now seemingly unstoppable, feels confident enough to confront both Charnel and Stratos, demanding their submission. Only Stratos responds to the demand, telling Pyro that he is willing to submit, and will even dispose of Charnel to prove his loyalty. Pyro sees through the ruse, and in fact, tells you to destroy Stratos first, as he is more untrustworthy and unpredictable than Charnel. You can also leave Pyro and follow Stratos, who will indeed send you to destroy Charnel.

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No Mercy (Pyro)PY-08 Intermissions PY-09The End Days (Pyro)
ST-09The End Days (Stratos)


After Persephone's fall, Charnel hurriedly tells you to withdraw from Elysium. Apparently, Stratos had disappeared and Empyrea is in chaos. Charnel reveals to you that Stratos had, in fact, denied the existence of Marduk, confirming him as the traitor. His theory is that Marduk became more powerful than Stratos himself and has overran Thryhring already. Charnel sends you there, believing that you will find Marduk in Stratos' home island.

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No Mercy (Charnel)CH-08 Intermissions CH-09The End Days (Charnel)
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