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"Persephone does not yet realize that I have slain Shakti and seized Arborea. We will have only a brief time to rally our forces and strike Idylliac itself." – Stratos, The Chasm Widens (Intermission)

Map of Idylliac (full image)

Starting Setup[]



ELDRED: Our forces massed in Arborea. Abraxus struck with her usual lightning-swift celerity and cleared the way for my attack on Persephone's home of Idylliac.
ZYZYX: Once in Idylliac, we were cut off from Stratos. In one god's home the others cannot interfere.


Directly after the seizure of Arborea, Stratos sends you to Idylliac to finally finish Persephone for good. Persephone sends her champion Yogo to punish your betrayal. Although you only face one wizard, you don't command a large army - only one Yeti and 4 souls in addition to your Manahoars. However, you can change this.

Firstly, notice the island to the left. As soon as you've built up your first manalith, teleport to that island. Four peasants are here; your Yeti should make short work of them. Convert their souls for 4 more souls. Then teleport back and advance; you'll soon find another Mana Fountain, and after that, some huts and farmland with more peasants. You may not have time to convert them before Yogo arrives, however, so build up your army first.

The Battle Begins[]

Yogo will command Mutants, Shrikes, Gnomes and assorted other Faithful. If you have served Stratos so far, you may have a problem dealing with him simply because of the lack of raw firepower. If you have served other gods before, you may have some more deadly units on you, which should help you to kill Yogo. For now, one Yeti is enough; summon ranged and/or flying units from your other souls. If you have trouble killing the enemy units, use your spells. A Frozen Ground spell can often disable Yogo's entire Mutant brigade, making it easy to kill the other, weaker creatures. Yogo can theoretically summon an Ent or two, although he only tends to do so later, or not at all. Your Yetis are more than a match for them if they appear.

As you don't have a large amount of souls right now, concentrate on repelling Yogo's assault for now. Force him to retreat to his manalith one way or another and convert the peasants instead.

Summon another Yeti and more ranged units and advance; try getting souls out of Yogo now, though this might be difficult if he casts Ethereal Form just at the wrong time. You'll want to get souls out of him since Yogo gets a soul boost of 10 and 15, respectively, at two points: once as you go past the farmland with the peasants and cross the hill, and once when you reach either of the two diverging paths that eventually lead to Yogo's altar. In addition, you'll need to convert his souls to break through his final defenses.

There are no ambushes, no surprises; you'll just have to push Yogo back and advance forward, replacing his manaliths. The distance between your altars is very large, so it is important to build those manaliths, or you might have mana supply problems during your final assault.

Yogo's Altar[]

Yogo's ultimate altar is surrounded by three manaliths, two next to it and one behind it; each one has several Gnome and Mutant guards, which might be able to hit any Sac-Doctors performing the desecration ritual, so you'll want to destroy them all. In addition, the manalith behind his altar has some Ent guards. A combination of Yetis and Seraphim or other bomber units is the best way to defeat the guards. Send in the Yetis first (cast Speed-Up on them) to attack the Gnomes or Mutants, then once they have the attention of the guards, follow up with the bombers, ordering them to attack the building.

If Yogo has any manaliths in the center of the map, he'll stay there; if not, he'll be back here, making trouble for you, so this is an argument for not replacing every one of his manaliths. However, in that case he might be destroying your manaliths back there. The most failsafe way to defeat him is to get most of his souls after he got the second soul boost, rendering him nearly harmless. Sacrifice a Yeti for desecration and kill him; if you have any spare souls, summon units that can disrupt his spells and movement, such as Vorticks, Flurries or Brainiacs. This way, he won't be able to cast Ethereal Form and thus disrupt the ritual without any risk of damage, which he likes to do. Once the altar is desecrated and Yogo is gone, Stratos will congratulate you on your victory, telling you how happy he is to be rid of Persephone.

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