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"You and you alone are in a position to prevent the Hellmouths from joining Marduk or Charnel's allies. Go you to the Crossroads of Abaddon, and there you may yet thwart their villainy." – Persephone, The Chasm Widens (Intermission)

Map of Abaddon (full image)

Starting Setup[]



"With the fall of Charnel, the Crossroads of Abaddon had been quickly claimed by Pyro. I wondered if he would send a sorcerer to oppose my presence there." – Eldred

Sorcha's Intervention[]

After Charnel's destruction, Persephone sends you to the Crossroads of Abaddon, where the most dangerous of Charnel's remnant Minions, the demonic Hellmouths, reside. However, Pyro had already taken control of the area and Empress Sorcha now resides here - she does not allow you to kill the Hellmouths.

After occupying the Mana Fountain just ahead, turn left, then right to arrive at a small village with several Zombies. As you only start with 3 souls, these are a welcome addition to your army. Be quick, though, as Sorcha will not wait; she will soon arrive at your primary manalith with Pyromaniacs and Warmongers. The Warmongers can really hurt your small army, so it is essential to order your Ent (or Toldor, if you have him) to cast Protector, to give your troops a little more shielding. Cast Speed-Up on them if you can and quickly order them to kill the Warmongers before you are gunned down.

As you will need to kill the bulk of Sorcha's army to survive, it will be somewhat difficult to extract souls out of the sorceress; she'll probably pick up most of them. You may need to fight her several times to convert anything; be patient, it pays off to neutralize Sorcha as a threat so that she won't disrupt you while you're Hellmouth hunting. Try not to Guardian too many creatures as you'll need the souls against the Hellmouths.

The Hunt[]

The Crossroads of Abaddon are a bit like a circle; therefore, no matter which way you go, you'll find all the Hellmouths eventually (as well as Sorcha's altar). You don't actually need to desecrate Sorcha's altar to win, neither does it give you any bonus. The Hellmouths are located on small peninsulas near Mana Fountains; there is one fount with one Hellmouth nearby and one with two Hellmouths. There is no trick to killing the demons, other than knowing which creatures to use (i.e. not Ents; ranged units or Gremlins will suffice). Do not convert any Hellmouths; not only does this carry the danger of Sorcha freeing them within itself (if she's still on the map) but the mission will not be complete until the ritual finishes, as for some reason, the Hellmouths are counted as alive while they're being carried by a Sac Doctor or sacrificed.

Kill all three Hellmouths and your job in the Crossroads is done.

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