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"Pyro is out of control. His lack of restraint only encourages people to worship Marduk. We must stop him now, while the others are inclined to help us." – Charnel, The Chasm Widens (Intermission)

Map of Helios (full image)

Starting Setup[]



ELDRED: Pyro's defenses were strong, but could not resist the unrelenting attacks of Acheron and Seerix. Before long we had reached Helios itself.
ZYZYX: Once we got to Helios we lost contact with Charnel. In one god's home the others can't interfere.


Thanks to the attacks of Charnel's necromancers, a way to Helios has opened up for you. You must defeat Empress Sorcha and Ambassador Buta to destroy Pyro and complete the task Charnel has entrusted you with.

The gnome Faestus will approach you. In a cowardly fashion, he switches allegiance to you right away, and tells you about the Magnifryers. He will fight on your side from now on, even during later missions.

Sorcha attacks from your right; she has a fortified manalith nearby, and is accompanied by at least one Bombard and a few Pyromaniacs in addition to the creatures she summons, which will almost certainly include several Warmongers. To maximize the amount of souls you can get from her, try not to attack this fortified manalith, as she may reclaim them. Instead, just build a manalith on the empty Mana Fountain just ahead of you, and wait for Sorcha to attack. Your Plague spell will eliminate all of her weaker creatures and will severely damage her stronger ones; use your army to kill any Warmongers nearby (do not create another Styx and try to go toe-to-toe with them, the Warmongers are stronger - instead, train long-range creatures like artillery units or snipers to kill them from afar) and then focus your fire on Sorcha. Once Sorcha dies, her army will retreat (if there is anything left).

Convert all that you can quickly before Sorcha returns; use your Wailing Wall to buy time if needed (and if you have it), though if Sorcha had lost all her souls during her last offensive she may not even try to reclaim them, and will instead travel off to capture manaliths. Either way, as soon as she no longer has enough units to mount a decent offensive, or as soon as she stops attacking, make your way to her altar. Two Bombards defend it; while it's suicidal to take them in a melee, anything long-ranged will easily get rid of them. Construct a manalith of your own (your mana income is probably very low at this point as your other manaliths are far away; feel free to summon a few more manahoars, soon you'll be swimming in souls) and desecrate her altar. She will likely be far away, and will hurry back to her altar; though you may be able to kill her just with your army, some Blightmites, the Wailing Wall and the Slime spell will all help slow her down (if you have them).

Once Sorcha's altar is gone, the creatures guarding her other manalith will keel over and die, letting you convert their souls. A total of 12 souls can be gained from here.

If you go back to your altar, then go straight ahead and to your left, you will find another mana fount to build on. On the way, watch out for a group of 4 Bombards that will suddenly appear and ambush you from behind. Of course, as you aren't being attacked at this point they're just another 16 free souls to convert. The mana fount itself is also trapped; an Explosion and an Erupt spell will be cast upon you as you approach the fount. Again, this is more of a nuisance than an actual threat, though it may disrupt your manalith building if you began it too soon.


Feel free to build up near your own altar, as Buta's AI will not activate even when you banish Sorcha. Buta will only start moving if his property (e.g. one of his Magnifryers) is attacked or if you approach his Magnifryers personally. That being said, destroying the Magnifryers may be somewhat challenging. If you had served James during your first mission, all you need to do is to summon a few Troggs. Troggs are immune to the Magnifryers' attacks, which are magical in nature. If you can't summon Troggs, you can try summoning other level 1 melee creatures; a swarm of them can take out one Magnifryer before they all bite the dust. However, this will cause Buta to approach with his whole army (including a Phoenix, several Warmongers and Pyromaniacs) while most of your souls are on the battlefield, so try to gather them fast and return to the rest of your own army just as fast. A final option is to cast a shielding spell and quickly run up to the base of the Magnifryers, which they can't fire at, and summon a melee creature to destroy it, all the while hiding behind the pole of the Magnifryer from other Magnifryers; then run to the next one and so on, as quick as you can before Buta strikes. Watch out not to come too close to the manalith right in the middle of the Magnifryer triangle; it is guarded by several Bombards.

Once the Magnifryers are down all you need to do is defeat Buta. Depending on how you destroyed the Magnifryers (or if you have destroyed them at all) this may catch you somewhat unprepared. Be sure to be near your army, ready to fight, when he arrives; he will likely attack the manalith near the mountain. The Phoenix is the real problem; luckily Buta can't summon a replacement, but your creatures may have some trouble bringing it down. Concentrate on the Warmongers first, though; they kill faster and are much weaker. Once the Warmongers are down, hit the Phoenix hard and it will go down soon.

If you haven't destroyed all the Magnifryers, it's a good idea to wait for Buta to attack a few more times to gain more souls. You don't want him to disrupt you with a large army while you try to demolish these weapons. Other than that, it's all downhill from there; occupy the manalith in the middle, getting rid of the Bombards, then just go forward to meet Buta's final deferences.

As you approach the altar, some Bombards, Pyromaniacs and a Pyrodactyl will attack you, trying to disrupt your offensive. The manaliths have poor defenses, however; the one to your right (as you approach) is guarded only by Warmongers, no long-range units, and the other one is guarded by only one Bombard in addition to the Warmongers, which should go down in a firing contest against your Deadeyes, Abominations or their equivalents. Desecrate Buta's altar to win the battle and bring a broad smile to Charnel's face.

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