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Hey guys, I've recently returned to Sacrifice...
I see SacPlanet is down... how come? When is it gonna be up again.
I get the Whitescreen/Intel fix. Is there a way to fix it? SacPlanet is down...

Yes, from what I've seen, it's been down for quite some time now. From what I gather Annihilator is working his best at getting the site operational as fast as possible, but that still might take awhile. As for your problem, I'm not sure I can help. You should probably go to the lobby and ask the people there. -- kertaw48 (Talk) 14:36, July 3, 2012 (UTC)

Sac's futureEdit

Hello kertaw.

I'd like to inform you that some of us from the multiplayer community plans on collecting data about the works of sacrifice, both singleplayer and multiplayer wise.

We plan on creating a video showcasing points about the game's richness both in artistry and gameplay. And we also plan on starting some kind of petition that we would send to the current owners of sac rights, about a possible sequel.

However, out main point is to enlighten people about the possibilities of remake, successor. We believe that sacrifice is a gold mine, both money and gameplay wise. And so we plan on raising the curtains to the yet unaware gaming communty of the internet.

We do believe that if we produce the right video, showcasting why sac is a game not worth forgetting, but rather remaking and refining, we might just come across some investors who'd like to take upon the task of developing a game similar to sacrifice, or perhaps buy the rights from the current holders, and work on a sequel.

But as for now just iddle, and please remain patient lol. The reason why im telling you this is because i believe that you do might have some valid points to make aswell. And we'd like to hear about those points before we begin to work on this video.

As for now none of us plans to begin working on it, we just wish to her of people's opinions.

And as it seems even on steam there are plenty of people who'd support a sacrifice hd remake, or a possible sequel. Now sadly i doubt that we can get the current sac anywhere, but reworking its concept wouldnt be bad.

Sorry for my grammatical errors etc, hi from warp.

Legend Warp (talk) 23:07, January 16, 2016 (UTC)

I'm currently really busy, but I'm interested in the idea. I'll try to find some time to go to SacPlanet and see what it's all about. Thanks for notifying me. -- kertaw48 (Talk) 23:13, January 20, 2016 (UTC)
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