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I reworked the Biography and also added a separate section to shed some light on the Mithras/Marduk issue. Do check that one particularly, though - even though I've played this game on and off for many years, I'm still not entirely confident about my views on this issue and maybe you can add something I missed or alter something I'm wrong on. - Smashingmachine 18:30, March 2, 2012 (UTC)

I went over it. Since there are two conflicting accounts (in Persephone's final mission Stratos claiming the prophecy was false and in James' ending Eldred claiming that Mithras was a hero) I think we should leave it unresolved, and let the readers and/or players decide for themselves. But you know, something has me leaning on Mithras being himself when he foretold the prophecy, since in that mission (Persephone's final) Marduk himself had said: "There are no false prophecies, only false gods." -- Kertaw48 23:06, March 2, 2012 (UTC)

Nitpicking about terminology[]

This applies to the Zyzyx page as well:

I am not entirely certain about this "tritagonist" and "deuteragonist" business. While it was nice to improve my vocabulary (something I haven't had to do in a while), I think it is up to interpretation just how Zyzyx and Mithras place in the storyline hierarchy. For instance, while it's obvious Eldred is the primary protagonist, I think Zyzyx serves less the plot and more the gameplay - Eldred himself narrates just fine, with Zyzyx providing a foil to Eldred's straight man, making him more of a comic device to relieve tension. Zyzyx has little swaying power on the events of the storyline itself. On the other hand, it is obvious how important to the story Mithras is.

However I suppose that, since the Marduk page refers to him as the antagonist, the wiki authors are treating Mithras and Marduk as effectively two characters for story purposes - not an inappropriate interpretation. In this case, Mithras has hardly any note at all to the story until he transforms into Marduk. My recollection is fuzzy - I've only just started replaying the campaign after years - but as I recall, his purpose is more a MacGuffin to move the story along. He barely even serves the purpose of the Wise Old Seer he appears to be, since he only listens and occasionally offers a tad bit of backstory. Basically, Eldred doesn't actually benefit from either Zyzyx or Mithras directly - his own character development is entirely internally/personally powered, and his strengths derive wholly from himself and his own deeds. Never was a decision made by Eldred because of these two characters until the very end when Marduk was revealed for who he truly was. At least, that's how I see it.

Doc Wheeler (talk) 18:22, November 22, 2012 (UTC)