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This article is about the exquisite musical soundtrack that was published by Interplay Entertainment Corporation alongside Sacrifice. It also came on a separate CD, together with some bonus maps, three Scapex tutorial videos and an additional track called "Persephone Intense" (Eric Flannum, the lead designer of Sacrifice, had even called it his favorite track).

The music score was composed and conducted by Kevin Manthei, orchestrations were done by Rossano Galante and Bill Boston over an orchestra assembled together specifically for the recording of the game soundtrack. The aforementioned "Sacrifice Orchestra" played all of the tracks.

Additional musical help was Michael Davis with his African vocals and chants on some of the tracks.

Track Listing
Track Number Track Name Track Duration Player
01 Battle 1 1:32
02 Battle 2 1:11
03 Battle 3 1:03
04 Battle 4 1:22
05 Battle 5 1:01
06 Charnel 2:36
07 Defeat Theme 0:05
08 God Realm 2:20
09 James 2:42
10 Main Menu 2:07
11 Persephone 2:30
12 Pyro 2:36
13 Sacrificing 1:34
14 Impending Death 1:25
15 Impending Victory 1:20
16 Persephone Intense 2:03
17 Stratos 2:33
18 Victory Theme 0:14


  • It should be noted that the soundtrack included with the release does NOT include the extra track "Persephone Intense".