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Soul Counter in the upper right corner of the screen.

Souls are the primary resource of any wizard. They are used to summon creatures to serve their summoner. Every creature that can be directly summoned has one to five souls.

Soul Acquisition[]

Souls can be harnessed from dead creatures. Depending on the allegiance of those creatures varies the difficulty of harnessing their souls.

A blue soul

Blue Souls[]

Blue souls can be harnessed by a wizard simply by passing over them and require almost no effort for acquisition.

They are found hovering over the corpses of wizard's own creatures. The opposing and allied wizards alike will perceive them as red and will not be able to harness them at sight.
If a creature is gibbed and its body destroyed, it will lose allegiance to any wizard and be viewable as a blue soul to all wizards.

A wizard can drop a soul on the ground. It will take a moment to fully materialize and then be able to be harnessed by all. This way wizards can supply souls to one of their allies, or use a spell or creature ability that targets blue souls (to save themselves the trouble of killing a creature of their own or waiting for one to die).

Red Souls[]

Red souls are heathen souls of opposing gods and/or wizards. They will need to be converted before they can be harnessed.

Number of Souls[]

One Soul[]

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Two Souls[]

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Three Souls[]

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Four Souls[]

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Five Souls[]

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"Soulless Ones"[]

There are also several creatures who either don't have a soul or can't have their souls harnessed for various reasons: