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Sirocco is the mother of all Dragons; we are lucky to have her on our side.Zyzyx, The Prophecy (James)
Sirocco CR-icon-Sirocco.png
Associated God Persephone
Level 9
Parent Creature Dragon
Creature Classes Air, Melee
Number of Souls 5 BlueSoul.png
Hero Statistics
Health 6875
Mana 1500
Damage (?)
Accuracy 75
Attack Speed (?) s
Movement Speed 12.5 m/s
Flying Speed 20 m/s
Resistances and Weaknesses
Melee 92.5%
Direct Ranged 95.625%
Splash Ranged 95.625%
Direct Spell 92.5%
Splash Spell 92.5%
Creature Abilities
Persephone's Stats
Entangling Attack
CA-icon-Breath of Life.png Breath of Life

Sirocco is Persephone's level 9 hero.


Sirocco is the mother of all dragons. She originally lived in Solis, but she was visiting other parts of the Glebe, including Quorog. Despite being Persephone's follower, not James, Sirocco was satisfied with her place of residence. Things changed when Charnel decided to punish one of his wizards, Ragman. Charnel chained his former champion inside Sirocco's cave, leaving him at the dragon's mercy, but the crafty Necromancer managed to take control over Sirocco's mind by using horrible visions. With Sirocco under the Ragman's control, all dragons living in James's kingdom become mad, murdering defenseless residents of Glebe.

Therefore, James sends his wizard to stop Sirocco's madness. However, if the player chose James and was sent there, Eldred can banish the Ragman instead, thus freeing her from his control. In that scenario, Sirocco will join the player's army for the rest of the game, even if Eldred changes his employer (however, she will leave him if he works too long for evil gods). If Eldred didn't choose James in the second mission, Sirocco would be probably slain by one of the Geomancers.


Bugs and Notes[]

In Charnel's first mission, there is a possibility that Sirocco is already killed if the player skips the cinematic. Yet even if this happens, Sirocco will still show up in James's second mission, as though nothing happened.

Name Etymology[]

Sirocco is named after a hot, dry and dusty wind that blows from the southeast in the Mediterranean.

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