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"It does not matter if what the worm says is true. No Ashur can threaten Pyro once the Pyrodraulic Dynamo™ is completed.
To activate it we will need more slaves, but I think James just volunteered to provide them.
" – Pyro, Shadow of the Past (Intermission)
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Map of Orgren (full image)

Starting Setup[]


  • Capture 20 slaves
  • Faestus must survive
  • (Optional) Deliver a message to Sorcha

To capture slaves simply approach them. Eldred will threaten to kill them and they'll go to your altar. Details are described bellow. You also can't allow too many farmers to come to harm. As there are total of 24 farmers in this mission, if 5 farmers die you will lose the mission.

For the whole of this mission Faestus can't move. He is here only to receive the slaves, so guard him with some creatures.

To deliver the message to Sorcha simply approach her. Details are described below.


Karn, the recently subjugated James' stronghold, was delivered into the hands of Charnel as a part of the new alliance. In the mean time, the Empress and I used it as a forward base to launch slaving raids deeper into the Glebe. I remember once raid in particular.Eldred


For his future plans, Pyro will need more slaves and since James "refused" his offer of alliance, Pyro sends both you and Sorcha on numerous slave raids into the Glebe. This mission is a recollection of one of them. Sorcha was supposed to raid Orgren, but she has gone missing and you are to do this raid in her place and also to deliver a message for her to return home.

There are two mana founts around your altar, so take them early on. You should also summon an army since you are soon going to be attacked by Charlotte, one of James' geomancers. To win this mission you simply must walk to the four villages where potential slaves might be and collect those slaves:

  • 7 farmers in a valley south-west of your altar. There's also a mana fount in the middle of their village.
  • 7 farmers on a peninsula south-west of the valley and west of your altar. Also a mana fount just before their village. Sorcha is also on that peninsula.
  • 7 farmers south-east of the valley and also west of Charlotte's altar. When approaching them you will also have your encounter with Ashur.
  • 3 farmers around a well right next to the last one. After you approach them they will try to flee and killing one of them should suffice to make the rest comply. It also might make the other seven scatter and sometimes even to refuse to go to your altar. If you haven't killed any other farmers you might just want to completely avoid going to this one.

After you have visited enough raiding sites to suffice for Faestus's needs, teleport to your altar, wait for them to come and defend Faestus from Charlotte's attacks. The slaves can only be hurt by either crossfire or by you.


Of course, even though banishing Charlotte isn't necessary for the completion of this mission or is rewarded in any way, you might find her big enough nuisance to try to banish her before gathering the slaves. She attacks early on in the mission and she also has an Ikarus with her (an equivalent to Gammel) along side with a lot of Troggs, few Taurocks, Gargoyles and a couple of Flummoxes. Since there are no manaliths between your altar and the last manalith she'll take before attacking you, she will attack your altar directly. If you're off gathering slaves when she attacks, if left unguarded, Faestus will be her first target.

The best tactic against her is to kill her and her Manahoars to make her retreat so that her slow 3-souled Flummoxes could be picked off while her army retreats (if you've killed the Ikarus and haven't taken too much of her souls, she should have about three of them). Charlotte mostly builds melee attackers and Flummoxes, so you should be careful if you're thinking of building a lot of flyers, because chances are the Flummoxes are going to shot them down with their area damage.

From the start of the mission she will have two manaliths, each guardianed with some Gargoyles and Earthflings which should all be easily killed with a brawler pounding on the manalith. If they are not converted quickly they will only serve as a soul boost for Charlotte. These manaliths are guarding the entrance to her altar which itself is pretty much unguarded, so if you have destroyed all of her manaliths, the desecration should be easy. Once she is banished, you can easily collect the slaves at your leisure.


If you want the boon, you'll have to find Sorcha. She can be spotted from a distance by the yellow triangle above her head, but she is not highlighted on the minimap. She is on the far end of a peninsula (there is an empty island between it and the main part of the map) west of your altar with the farmers, but it is possible for you to overlook her. When you do find her she will tell you that she has deserted, because she feels guilty for enslaving the innocent. Pyro will appear and convince her to return. This is the only time you'll see Pyro's other, more gentle side, so that might be reward enough by itself (even though the boon you'll get won't hurt either).


The boon benefactor for this mission is Pyro. He gives you the boon if you've completed the optional objective for this mission. He's pleased that you found Sorcha.

There is no karma boost for this boon.


  • Do not allow Sorcha to be harmed and, should it happen, DO NOT approach her former position. Sorcha is teleported away when attacked, and if you still approach her former position, you will be trapped in the ensuing cinematic as Sorcha is no longer there.
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