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There had been other Wars between the gods, some protracted and dreadful. Yet one truth had been constant: It was mortals who bore the suffering. The gods were bounds by ancient ties and none of them, not even Persephone or Charnel, ever sought the other's extermination.Mithras

Cult of Ashur[]

During his investigations of Jadugarr, James had found out that he had created a cult around someone mysterious named Ashur. Depending on whether the god you served to in the previous mission was either Pyro or Charnel, they will interrupt James with taunts. Otherwise, Persephone and Stratos will discuss with James on how to proceed with this newfound cult and the war with Pyro and Charnel.

Total War[]

With no longer any god remaining neutral, the total war had started. James had been pushed into the alliance with Persephone and Stratos by Pyro's "diplomacy" in Karn, while at the same time Charnel had decided that he will side with Pyro.

Persephone and Charnel are both interested in Jadugarr's cult (Persephone out of her curiosity and Charnel out of his wounded pride) and wish for you to find Jadugarr (again, each for their own reasons). Stratos had decided that he will remain on the defensive and help secure some of his allies lands. James, on the other hand, thinks that his passiveness had made possible for the cult to appear and wants to take offensive against Pyro, particularly the conquered stronghold of Karn. Pyro, not slightly interested in this new cult, wishes nothing else than more power. He wants to activate his newest creation, for which he will need more slave-power, which he wants you to procure from James, which Pyro deems weak and to whom he holds a grudge for the failed diplomacy.

And with each god picking a side, the total war begins.

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