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"Seerix is her name. In her younger days, they say she was a mystic for Elysium, but I can't imagine that. She's got the heart of a necromancer through and through." – Zyzyx, first time Seerix is encountered

Seerix, as she appears in character selection screen.

Seerix (also mentioned in Scapex as Isanaga) is a necromancer of Charnel. As a wizard, she is less capable than Acheron or Ragman, so she is never considered to be one of Charnel's champions, and thus is never given the control of Charnel's ultimate altar.

It is rumored that she was once Persephone's Mystic. This is evidenced by her possession of some of Persephone's spells (see below for a complete list).


Departure from the Light[]

Before Eldred's arrival in the world, Seerix served Persephone for some time. Whether it was due to Persephone's rigorous teachings or Seerix' inherent vile nature, Seerix left Persephone's service and joined Charnel's Minions.

Serving the Forces of Darkness[]

Before Charnel got involved in the war between the other gods, his Minions were frequently sent to raid other god's realms. Seerix is documented to have lead three such attacks: one on Surtur's Keep in Empyrea, one on Telluria in Elysium and one during the Tutorials against Shakti.

Also if the player served Charnel during the campaign, Seerix also helped Eldred, alongside Acheron, by attacking the lands of Pyroborea, thus leaving the path to Helios open for Eldred to move in for the kill.

Other than these, her actions were reduced to guarding Stygia from the attacks of other gods that Eldred might be serving. One of the more notable defenses was the one in Abaddon, where she was holding the prophet Mithras captive. The Yeomen, lead by Eldred, released him either by conducting a rescue operation or by banishing Seerix and securing the Crossroads. The fall of Abaddon, lead open the path to Charnel's destruction by the forces of the Glebe.

The rest of her missions were mostly helping Acheron in the defense of Charnel's home of Dys.

Untangled Coils of Destiny[]

Seerix only survives the campaign if the player served Charnel. If not her fate is almost certainly death. If the campaign was played and finished with either Persephone or Stratos, Seerix' death was caused by none other than Eldred himself. If the campaign was played with James, Seerix' death can only be presumed. Since she was defeated not long before the attack on Dys was initiated, Charnel might not have had enough time to revive her. If the game was finished with Pyro, Seerix is presumed dead when Charnel fell to the forces of Marduk. She might even have been the one who defended Charnel's ultimate altar when Acheron was busy defending Thryhring from Pyro's Proles.

Name Etymology[]

The source of Seerix' name is unknown.

Wizard Stats[]

For all of the missions she participates in, she shares the same values as any wizard, but her spell list is different in almost every mission. The higher her level is, the higher level Persephone spells she receives.

Added spells for Persephone's second mission:

Added spell for James' third mission:

Added spells for Persephone's sixth mission:

Added spells for James' seventh and Stratos' ninth:

Her color in those missions is always purple, representing her patron god, Charnel.


Multiplayer Taunts[]

  1. Come closer, child! I have something for you!
  2. There is no escape!
  3. I will enjoy your suffering!
  4. Curse you!

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