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Don't tell her I told you this, but Sara Bella really is the smartest Brainiac around. Stratos even refers to her as his protege.Zyzyx, The Gods Themselves (Stratos)
Sara Bella CR-icon-Sara Bella.png
Associated God Stratos
Level 1
Parent Creature Brainiac
Creature Classes Air, Ranged
Number of Souls 1 BlueSoul.png
Hero Statistics
Health 1500
Mana 500
Damage (?)
Accuracy 150
Attack Speed (?) s
Flying Speed 18.75 m/s
Resistances and Weaknesses
Melee 100%
Direct Ranged 100%
Splash Ranged 100%
Direct Spell 95%
Splash Spell 95%
Creature Abilities
Stratos' Stats

Sara Bella is Stratos' level 1 hero.


The Brain of Stratos[]

Sara Bella.png

Sara Bella is the most intelligent brainiac in the world of Sacrifice. It is uncertain when she started her service in the employment of Stratos, but by the time the campaign starts she is already considered to be a protégée of the Lord of the Heavens.

The Mind behind Empyrea[]

She is encountered for the first time in Diallia, where she investigates a local phenomenon of "faithlessness" that started after a battle during the War of Purification. Later on, Stratos uses her for several special missions, such as when she was entrusted with severing the link between Persephone and her followers and when she provided Eldred a stealthy route to Dys, proving that the power of her mind is quite impressive, strong enough to rival even gods themselves.

The Wisdom Unheeded[]

If the player finished the game with Charnel, resulting in the destruction of Stratos, Sara Bella will be the only notable Servant that survives the death of her god. If the player approaches her during that mission she will explain how her master allied himself with the demon Marduk and how he did not listen to her predictions on how they were going to be betrayed by him. The worst eventually came to pass and was seen firsthand. With no other choice left, Sara Bella will then join Eldred for the rest of the game. If the player finishes the game with Stratos, she's probably still his adviser, but in any other scenario, her fate is left uncertain.

Name Etymology[]

Sara Bella's name was coined from the word cerebellum, a part of the brain, a tribute to her intelligence.

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