Sacrifice Wiki

While Sacrifice Wiki is a functioning wiki with over 350 articles and almost twice as many images (as of July 2012), and covers various aspects of Sacrifice, it still needs a lot of improvement. This article will help provide organized information on how to contribute.

First Things First[]

If you have any suggestions, questions or alike, you can ask them by editing the admin's talk page.


Well, if you're here on this wiki, this must mean that you're somewhat familiarized with Shiny's masterpiece. If not, you'll have a hard time finding it. Sacrifice is an old game and is no longer being published and distributed to video game stores. However, copies are available for purchase online, though of course some might use torrents to download the game. While the staff of Sacrifice Wiki does not condone such actions (at least not officially) may it be known that Shiny Entertainment no longer exists and that their successor Double Helix Games doesn't receive profit from Sacrifice any more. While downloading Sacrifice in such a manner would be illegal, no one would be financially damaged from the illegal download.

If you would like more off-site information about Sacrifice you might want to look at the Links article.


Again, if you're here on this wiki, it must mean that you're also interested in Sacrifice. It wouldn't be strange that you would like to help build this repository of Sacrifice knowledge. However this "repository" is also a wiki. While the concept of a wiki should not be alien to an average Internet user, editing a wiki might be. Follow this link if you would like to get familiarized with editing wikis in general.

However, this knowledge is not a prerequisite for editing Sacrifice Wiki. The staff here can handle any mistakes with wiki markup that an anonymous user might make (even such erroneous edits are strongly encouraged, as this wiki receives very little traffic). This knowledge is here just to give you some clues as to how wikis like this one work.

Possible Jobs[]

There are many different jobs to be done on this wiki. If you want to see the admin's detailed "To do list" see here.

Correcting Mistakes[]

The easiest job, of course, is to simply correct mistakes on already existing articles. Some articles were not created and edited with all due care and so may have many grammatical errors. If, while browsing the wiki, you catch a glance upon one or more such errors, we strongly encourage you to correct them. The same goes for factual errors, but of course we would like you to check the information in question against a source before attempting to correct it.

If you spot a problem, but are unable to correct it, you can create a talk page (or edit if it already exists) and explain the problem. You can also place a notice on top of an article explaining the problem by using a previously-made template:


These jobs require absolutely no wiki knowledge, little to no Sacrifice knowledge and any anonymous user can do this.

Information Verification[]

Searching for mistakes and hoping to stumble upon one would not be a very useful use of your time. However, there are already factual mistakes which are noted and have not been resolved. Here is a list of pages that need some information checked.

Of course if you do stumble upon a factual mistake and are unable to find the correct information to replace it with, you might just place a {{NeedsVerification}} template on that page, next to the information that needs to be checked.

These jobs require you to have a copy of Sacrifice and the willingness to perform in-game testing for correct information.


Each and every page on this wiki would benefit from at least one relevant image. Others could use an entire gallery showing the subject of an article in various poses and modes. For a full list of such pages see here. This list can be broken down into several categories:

  • Creatures – Several stances should be recorded: facing forward, backward, side-wise (the other side too, if the creature isn't symmetric), while attacking, walking, idling or standing still, making a victory dance (if possible, these should be recorded as moving pictures of .gif format) and possibly various close-ups. Preferably these pictures should be taken with no other elements in it and on a neutral background, either on creature's own tileset (e.g. a Warmonger on a Pyro map, Manahoar on an Etheral Realm map) or on a black background (using the Scapex create a hill, smudge it black and place the creature on it). The same standards apply to Heroes and Wizards, although these images are even more strongly encouraged, as these pages currently have no images.
  • Spells – Spells are much more difficult to record, but should at least be taken on the tileset of a god they belong to (or Ethereal Realm tileset if they are every god's spell). The rest depends on the spell in question, as different spells have different modes, durations and effect, each having its own way it should be recorded.
  • Missions – Each mission needs at least one image (although two or three are preferred). Do note that all HUD, menus and crosshairs should be cut out or that the image should be created in observer mode (surrender the mission, click Load Game and then Cancel). The first image can be uploaded by following a link in the notice at the top of the page about the mission in question.
    • You could also create maps for mission pages. See here for a detailed guide and here for the list of images that need improvement.
  • Places – These are optional and can be taken from the ranks of images on mission pages.

How to help? Just take several pictures of the subject you wish to enrich (be sure you adjust your in-game settings first, as to make sure the pictures are of highest quality), upload them here and then add them to articles. Don't worry about the names, categories or copyright of the picture. Just upload it and add a description, and the staff here will happily take care of the rest. Do note however, that unless the picture is very small (not over 50×50 pixels) it should be uploaded in .jpg format, as large pictures can result in longer loadtimes for wiki pages. It is also advised to save the original, high-quality version of the picture, if any mistake is found on the image, so it can be rectified in the future.

These jobs will require you to have some knowledge about taking screenshots or using image-manipulating programs, and they will also require you to register on this wiki. Once you've done that, use this page to upload images.

De-stubbing Pages[]

Many pages on this wiki need a lot of work. While the skeleton of nearly every page has been made, what is missing from them are man-made texts written and addressed to the readers. These pages are called stubs and here is a list of them.

Going alphabetically by this list may prove to be confusing. That is why most of these pages have been organized according to a category of pages it belongs to:

  • Spells – All of the level 4 to 9 spell's pages are stubs. You can help by editing the "Spell Summary" and "Tactical Uses" sections of those articles.
  • Creatures – All creature pages, except for the level 9 creatures, are stubs. You can help by adding general information about them.
  • Heroes – The Biography section on these articles are mostly all stubs. You can help by adding general information about them.
  • Places – The History section on these articles are mostly all stubs. You can help by adding general information about them.

These jobs will require Sacrifice knowledge and wiki knowledge to some degree, and are most likely the most time-consuming of tasks, but are also the most rewarding.

Creating New Pages[]

Along with stubbed pages, there are also pages that have been linked to, but that do not exist. In these cases it is best to just improvise and create the page. Even if the page is left with little to no information, this creation is encouraged as it contributes to this wiki. These pages should be marked with the following notice at the top of the page:


While these jobs do not require much fore-knowledge, it should be noted that generally only articles that have been linked to already should be created. Here is a list of all such articles. Naturally if the term you want to create an article about has been directly referenced by name in the game or supporting media, you are completely free to create it.

Designing New Parts of the Wiki[]

While some pages on the wiki are merely incomplete or haven't been created yet, entire sections of this wiki have not even been thought of yet in detail. This is a list of all the future sections that need to be created, but haven't even been designed yet, meaning that not all pages to be created have been determined:

  • Scapex – Sacrifice's map editor; it has many aspects and functions that need to be thoroughly catalogued, and guides about them written. See the Manual's section about it for inspiration.
  • Structures – Though only several of them are widely known and used in-game (such as Altars, Manaliths and Shrines) a lot more exist scattered throughout the game. Their names need to be collected from Scapex (each Tileset has its own structures) and categorized by their usage, tileset and destructibility.
  • Multiplayer – The aspect of this wiki that has made the game survive the harsh, competitive decade since its release. Currently there is no idea as to what this part of the wiki would look like. If you are to do this, seek advice from the players online, by either asking them on their forum (if it's not down) or by asking them directly in the lobby (this site should help).

This job is the most vexing as it requires improvisation, a great deal of planning, vast knowledge about the subject at hand and extensive wiki knowledge (possibly up to template building). It is highly recommended that before starting you consult any active administrators and other people who might know more about Sacrifice or wikis in general.

Do you speak Polish?[]

If you've come this far, you probably speak English. But can you speak Polish? If so, there's an entire separate wiki about Sacrifice in Polish. All you have to do is translate pages and sections of this wiki and post it on the Polish one. Contact their admins for more information on how to help.

Intermediate knowledge of both languages is required. Knowledge of Polish wiki syntax is also advisable.