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The Sacrifice Wiki is a collaborative website about Sacrifice, a video game developed by Shiny Entertainment and published by Interplay Entertainment Corporation .

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Sacrifice is a real-time strategy game published in the year 2000. Players control wizards that are able to cast spells and conjure armies of creatures using magical energy known as mana. The objective of the game is to desecrate the enemy's altar.

Sacrifice's campaign follows the story of a vagrant wizard known as Eldred. Five gods offer him a home, but Eldred must settle with only one. Early on in the campaign, the gods hear a prophecy that foretells their destruction by a traitor amongst them, a traitor that only a wanderer could defeat. As a result of this, their once harmless bickering transforms into all-out warfare, and Eldred must pick a side.

Sacrifice was praised by many gaming critics for its innovative graphics, its excellent audio and its deep story with a lot of replay value. IGN considered Sacrifice the best strategy game of 2000. The European Computer Trade Show dubbed it the Best PC Game in its show. It was also one of PC Gamer Magazine's Top 100 Games for eight consecutive years.

Despite its notable qualities, Sacrifice did not fare well in the market due to poor marketing and the unfortunate timing of its release.

Campaign Information[]

  • Characters — A list of all the characters in Sacrifice and their respective pages.
  • Places — A list of all the places in the world of Sacrifice and beyond.
  • Missions — A guide to all the missions in Sacrifice's campaign.
  • Glossary — A glossary of all terms related to Sacrifice and its campaign.
  • Karma — A guide to karma, how it's gained or lost and the effects it has on your singleplayer gameplay.
  • Boons — A guide to boons, including a list of all the boons categorized by god's missions.

Gameplay Information[]

  • Creatures — A categorized list of creatures and their types, including guides on each individual creature.
  • Structures — A categorized list of structures and their types, including guides on each individual structure.
  • Unit Statistics — A guide to unit stats and their explanation.
  • Spells — A categorized list of spells and their types, including guides on each individual spell.
  • Creature Abilities — A list of creature abilities and their categorization.
  • Resources — A list of guides about each resource present in Sacrifice.

Multiplayer Information[]

  • Game Settings — A guide to all the possible game settings for multiplayer game sessions.
  • Official Maps — A list and a gallery of all the maps received with the official game and products.

Scapex Information[]

Developer Information[]

  • Sacrifice Team — An article about the people who envisioned and created Sacrifice.
  • Shiny Entertainment — An article about the company that developed Sacrifice.
  • Music — A list of composers, orchestrators and various musicians.
  • Voxography — A list of voice actors and various voice technicians.
  • Interplay Entertainment Corporation — An article about the company that published Sacrifice.

Fan Content[]

  • Fan Art — A gallery of fan-created images.
  • Fan Maps — A list and a gallery of all the multiplayer maps and scenarios created by the fans.
  • Fan Ideas — Fanfics, fan ideas for new gods/creatures/spell - everything goes here.

Miscellaneous Information[]

  • Links — A categorized list of links to other sites devoted to Sacrifice.
  • Cheats — A guide to cheating in Sacrifice.
  • Canceled Content — An article about all the things that were removed from the game before its release.
  • Concept Art — A gallery of the pre-release concept art.
  • Rendered Art — A gallery of the pre-release rendered models.
  • Soundtrack — A list and a player of the soundtrack received with the official game and products.
  • Patch Information — Information on the patches for Sacrifice, both official and unofficial.
  • Technical Information — Information regarding the requirements for installing Sacrifice.