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Rainbow SP-icon-Rainbow.png
Associated God Persephone
Level 4
Type of Spell Chain
Casting Mode Mobile
Mana Cost 300
Damage None
Area of Effect Singular × 6
Spell Duration None
Casting Time 4 s
Cooldown Time 13 s
"The Rainbow is a more sublime union of the natural and the divine. It is the symbol of Our promise to bring justice and peace to all who devote themselves to Us. Any who have faith in its transcendent beneficence will be aided in their hour of need. The Rainbow will arch from believer to believer, mending their wounds and restoring their spirit." – The Manual, The Book of Persephone

Rainbow is Persephone's level 4 spell.

Spell Summary[]

"A healing spell that travels from unit to unit." – The Manual, The Book of Persephone

The spell is obtained along with Gnome and in campaign is received in Persephone's 4th mission.


Possible Targets for the spell Rainbow
Enemy Creatures Neutral Creatures Friendly Creatures Your own Creatures
Enemy Wizards Neutral Wizards Friendly Wizards Yourself
Enemy Structures Neutral Structures Friendly Structures Your own Structures
Ground Flying Creatures Blue Souls Red Souls

Tactical Uses[]

Rainbow is a multiple unit healing spell, that bounces from your randomly selected units and Wizard and heals them. It heals a maximum of 6 times.

  • Rainbow provides a Mystic with the ability to heal multiple creatures in battle without focusing on them and healing them individually.
  • Rainbow is useful when used right before when you know your units will take damage, as the rainbow takes time to travel from unit to unit.
  • Using this spell will provide a mass of units with a small bit of health, but to effectively heal individual units, you need to use the Heal spell.
  • Rainbow is good to use while retreating, it can often save the lives of your injured creatures.
  • Rainbow combined with Heal, (and even Healing Aura) means that Mystics have much more healing power available at their disposal than other wizards, making sustained fights swing in your favor. (Aside from Charnel, whose units heal with damage.)
  • Rainbow will not provide enough health to save your wizard from most threats, and is better used on your units.
  • Rainbow's mana cost and short cooldown time, along with the ability to cast while moving, makes it very easy to use often in many situations, and is effective when used often.

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