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Where better to begin a story, than right before the end?

The Prologue is the beginning of Sacrifice's campaign and the first cinematic in the game. You can either look at the brief summary or the entire transcription of the cinematic.

Brief Summary[]

After you create your character and name him, the first thing you'll be able to see is this cinematic. It starts with you (the Eldred) coming upon a battlefield full of corpses and the environment around you is rotten as if the land itself is dying. After a companion of yours named Zyzyx, remarks that you two have arrived too late to stop this slaughter, he goes on to scout the area and soon finds the sole survivor of the massacre - the prophet Mithras. Seeing as how you are talking in an enigmatic way, he asks you to explain what has happened, and the only way to do this is to tell him your story. Here's where the Prologue ends and the story of Sacrifice begins. Almost the entirety of the game consists of you retelling your story by playing it out.


(Eldred and Zyzyx walk along the rain-drenched field littered with corpses, stopping at the sight)

ELDRED: It has begun.
ZYZYX: We're too late again master. All dead.

(They continue and Zyzyx goes ahead of Eldred)

MITHRAS: *Groan*
ELDRED: I begin to think the cause of this destruction cannot be other than myself...
ZYZYX: Master.
ELDRED: ... my dark experiments come to a most wicked end.
ZYZYX: Master!

(Eldred hurries to catch up to Zyzyx and see what he is so interested about)

ELDRED: What is it?
MITHRAS: ... Who's... there?

(Eldred casts heal on the wounded Mithras, enough for his voice to be heard)

MITHRAS: That voice. Is that...
ELDRED: Yes, Mithras. 'Tis I.
MITHRAS: (chuckles) It seems you are to be my salvation after all.
ELDRED: I am no one's salvation. I am a pawn of doom itself.
MITHRAS: What? You speak in riddles, sir. I wonder if even my wisdom can decipher them?
ELDRED: We should try... and see if you can find sense where I have failed.
Where to begin?

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