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The campaign of Sacrifice introduces many different places. Most of them are a part of the world of Sacrifice and a part of one of the god's realms.


Map of the world of Sacrifice

The world of Sacrifice is divided into five groups of islands called realms, each belonging to a different god:

Also a part of the world of Sacrifice is the Ethereal Realm, a spiritual plane where gods reside and talk to both each other and to their higher-level followers.

Other Places[]

Other realms can only be accessed via special means, such as the Demon Gate that leads to realms of demons

There are also other places, realms or planes of existence outside the world of Sacrifice:

  • Astral Void – The spacious void between worlds
  • Jhera – The only other known world
  • Tartarus – The only known realm of demons
Places in Sacrifice
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Idylliac | Pellanon | Telluria | Urghaz
Glebe Agothera | Karn | Orgren | Quorog | Solis
Empyrea Mt. Orichalchis | Surtur's Keep | Thryhring
Pyroborea Ash | Cindercrag | Helios | Magmar | Sere
Stygia Crossroads of Abaddon | Crucible Island | Dys | Golgotha
Other Places Ethereal Realm | Astral Void | Jhera | Tartarus