This article lists all of the official and unofficial patches for Sacrifice. Since the company that made Sacrifice is currently defunct, Sacrifice is no longer supported and therefore no new official patches are due to be released.

Patch 1Edit

  • Fixed a crash which occurred when skipping a speech by Zyzyx before it officially began
  • Fixed the "base != NULL" assertion
  • Fixed potential problem enumerating D3D capable devices but not recognizing a useable driver
  • Fixed "autojoining" of newly listed games in the Internet chat lobby
  • Fixed possible duplicate player names bug in game setup menu
  • Changed ingame mouseover popups to proportional font
  • Fixed network system messages coming up in language of sender

Patch 2Edit

Released December 21, 2000

  • Added a disable fogging toggle to Scapex
  • Unit balance: Fallen + Removed command line processing from Scapex
  • Added support for TCP/IP connected games (local and Internet)
  • Added GameSpy logo to Internet chat lobby
  • Fixed Sac Doctor waiting in line bug.

Patch 3Edit

Patch 3 contains all the previous fixes introduced in patches 1 and 2. See here for a downloadable copy of it.


  • Balance: Storm Giant takes less damage from lightning attacks.
  • Balance: Brainiac and Shrike.
  • Balance: Animate Dead/Breath of Life/Charm adds unit to group 10 and selects it.
  • Balance: Blue souls are now shown on minimap.
  • Balance: Halo of Earth and Rings of Fire now stop when target dies.
  • Balance: Ent Protector shield no longer stacks.
  • Balance: Viscous Oil no longer stacks.
  • Balance: Death can no longer be stopped by player.
  • Balance: Can now teleport to allied structures.
  • Balance: Removed area of effect damage for each target hit on Silverback.
  • Balance: Any poison type stops mana and health regen.
  • Balance: Increased poison damage by 50%
  • Balance: Heal spell only heals 1000 health.
  • Balance: Healing Aura only heals while spell is in effect.
  • Balance: Frostwolf has much higher resistance to all ranged attacks (they are so fast that they can dodge missiles)
  • Balance: Seraph and Gremlin abilities will fail to grab a shielded unit.
  • Balance: Erupt now throws units around correctly.
  • Balance: Bombardment no longer hits units for the first second of each boulder's flight.
  • Balance: Increased rung 1 melee damage
  • Balance: Decreased Scythe's melee bonus
  • Balance: Trogg has a small melee bonus
  • Balance: Increased Fallen's ranged recharge time.
  • Balance: Locust drain mana ability reduced based upon maximum mana capacity of target.
  • Balance: Gargoyle takes slightly more damage from spells - all level 1 spells now kill them


  • Fixed bug where you could cast a creature that you didn't have the souls for.
  • Fixed Scapex "hyper" movement on Pentium 4's
  • Fixed wobbling detail levels on characters and other game entities (noticeably on Pentium 4's)
  • Fixed screen fades (noticeably on Pentium 4's)
  • Fixed buffer overwrite in landscape renderer causing random crashes.
  • Win and loss dialogs pause local games
  • Unit view updates and unit AI are now timesliced better = better performance.

New FeaturesEdit

  • All new formation icons.
  • Added observer mode & observer follow mode.
  • Added auto demo mode.
  • Added edit wizard option.
  • Added spellbook editor (must finish sp campaign once though)
  • Added game summary screen for skirmish.
  • Added allied vision option.
  • Added more context sensitive cursors (free manafont/red soul)
  • Multiplayer ranking system.
  • Added AI player damage multiplier in skirmish (AI difficulty setting)
  • Added trigger actions:
  • Music reset (resets all moods to initial settings)
  • Music add <num> to <mood> (currently can add to "battle" mood)
  • Music turn <switch> (ability to turn music on and off per session)
  • Order [creature group] go to <location> with <formation> (use any formation!)
  • Order [creature group] attack <location> with <formation> (")
  • Order [creature group] guard <location> with <formation> (")
  • Added GameSpy chatroom notification when new patch is ready
  • Rewritten landscape renderer:
  • Greatly improved speed on T&L cards.
  • New 3 pass lightmap render mode allows older cards to use lightmaps.
  • New ultra-fast no lightmap render mode.
  • Added bump mapping for cards that support the DOT3 operation.
  • Detail limit is set much higher for newer cards.
  • Added full scene antialias option.

Commands/Key BindingsEdit

  • New command: drop soul
  • New command: cast creature spell #
  • New command: cast spell #
  • New command: cast structure spell #
  • New formations: flank left and flank right


  • Upgraded to DirectX8 for DirectPlay
  • Added progress bar and cancel button (quits game) to network resynch box.
  • Changed join box to be same for all create/join game operations.
  • Game now polls DX for connection bandwidth.
  • Game now assigns more bandwidth to players with more creatures.
  • Anti-hack measures are now in place.
  • Game now properly handles the local player being dropped.

Game Options/Game LobbyEdit

  • Display ping to each player.
  • New alignment: custom (uses spellbook of MP wizard)
  • New alignment: observer
  • New game setting: Allow custom spellbook
  • New game setting: Allow observer
  • New game setting: Allow observer chat
  • New game setting: Allied vision

Ranking ModeEdit

The rank system has become obsolete ever since the old GameSpy's server went down.

As of Patch 3, Sacrifice is able to track all games that you play over the internet. If a game takes less then 2 minutes then the result is not recorded, even in the number of games played field. When you have amassed 5 wins against any opponents, you get assigned a ranking which is updated as you play. A game is ranked so long as there are at least 2 humans, no computers, everyone is on a different team and all human players are ranked players. The winner of a ranked game gets his ranking increased, and the losers get their rankings decreased. The amount of the increase depends on the relative ranks of the players; winning against someone with a higher rank gives a larger increase than winning against someone with a lower rank. Conversely, losing against someone with a lower rank gives a larger decrease than losing against someone with a higher rank. Also, Sacrifice keeps track of which gods you play over the internet and this affects your rank assignment.

The ranks are listed bellow. The X is replaced with the type of a wizard of which ever god you have played most. Mystic denotes alignment to Persephone, Geomancer to James, Sorcerer to Pyro, Elementalist to Stratos and Necromancer to Charnel.

  1. Novice (not ranked)
  2. Charlatan X (0-499)
  3. Hedge X (500-799)
  4. Initiate X (800-1099)
  5. Apprentice X (1100-1199)
  6. Journeyman X (1200-1399)
  7. Master X (1400-1799)
  8. Champion X (1800-2099)
  9. X Avatar (2100-2399)
  10. Supreme X Avatar (2400+)


  • Observer follow mode: Press wizard's slot # key (1-4) to attach/detach or 0 to randomly switch
  • Auto demo mode, when enabled makes the game go into a (up to) 10 minute demo if left on the title screen for approximately 1 minute. This can be disabled in the options screen.
  • After installation of the final patch 3, your rankings (if any) will be reset. This is to rectify a bug in the ranking system that calculated your rank incorrectly.


  • Breaks in-game saves, but not characters.
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