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"Proceed to Idylliac. Pyro will not be deterred by such flimsy trickery." – Pyro, No Mercy (Intermission)

Map of Idylliac (full image)

Starting Setup[]



"We encountered no opposition in our approach to Idylliac. It was clear the moment that I arrived that things had gone ill for Persephone." – Eldred

Arriving at Idylliac[]

After Shakti's mysterious death you are sent to Idylliac not just to vanquish Persephone for Pyro, but also to find out what happened to the Mystic. You will receive the answer almost straight away, as your nemesis Jadugarr, Marduk's champion, rides up to you. Jadugarr had slain Persephone and intends to deal with you next.

This is one of the roughest starts you can get in the campaign. You have a grand total of 5 souls, not enough to summon more than one Warmonger or Bombard, and other than that, only Faestus - if he's alive. What's more, right after you build your first manalith, an ambush force of a Silverback and 2 Frostwolves will rush at you with lightning speed. To deal with them, try summoning Pyromaniacs if you have them, and kill the Frostwolves first. (Dragonfire and Explosion are helpful spells, and you may even want to cast Rain of Fire; but put up your shield first or you'll get frozen by the Silverback if you're unlucky.) Convert the Frostwolves, but not the Silverback; you don't have time for it.

Jadugarr will come not long after you fend off the first group, and compared to his army, that previous force was just target practice. He has 2 Silverbacks, 2 Storm Giants, many Frostwolves and Sylphs and several more summonings, such as Brainiacs or Flurries. At this stage, you just want to buy time, so first of all, try to cast a Volcano onto the top of the hill as soon as you spot him. This will disorganize his army and most likely, he'll be retreating. It is just as likely, however, that you will not kill him or be able to convert anything; if, by chance, you have managed to force him to leave 1-soul creatures behind, convert them quick, slowing him down with Firewall if he returns.

If you're not a Sacrifice grandmaster and if things go as usual, the next attack from Jadugarr will completely overwhelm you. Teleport over to your small island now, bringing Faestus with you if you have him. Don't leave anyone behind. Jadugarr will destroy your manalith now and start the desecration ritual. However, for some reason, he is now unable to hunt you down; he'll retreat with his whole army.

Now, stick around on this little island. There are a number of peasants here, but don't convert them yet. The desecration is hurting you and you'll need to cast Heal almost constantly to keep up with the damage. You can disrupt the ritual by summoning a Pyrodactyl and sending him to attack a Sac Doctor. This will buy you enough time to convert some or all of the peasants, but order the Pyrodactyl to come back before Jadugarr returns to attempt the ritual again.

After some time, a cinematic will interrupt the mission; Jadugarr will state that he needs to go, but leaves Hachimen to dispose of you. He will teleport out, along with all of his creatures - you will not see him again. However, any dead creatures he might have (this is unlikely) will stick around, and you will finally be able to teleport back to the mainland to convert the Silverback you have killed at the start.


Your troubles are hardly over, but finally you will have a chance to fight back. Hachimen will begin his march from the other end of the map, where Yogo would have resided if Persephone hadn't been slain. Being a mercenary, he will have many different spells, including Animate Dead and Soul Mole (which he will never use) along with Erupt and Healing Aura. His creatures are all Proles. He has at least one Phoenix, several level 1 creatures and most likely several Warmongers and Bombards. Convert whatever you can and then move out to capture the second Mana Fountain for yourself. Watch out; some Brainiacs will attack your first manalith once your manalith is up. Leave a few creatures behind, preferably Bombards as the Brainiacs will fly quite high, or they might destroy that manalith. Now go back to the second manalith and wait here for Hachimen's attack.

Once he arrives, watch out. Often his first step will be to cast Volcano; be prepared to cast your Explosion spell (or other disruptive spell) to prevent him from successfully casting it. Hachimen has two disruptive spells himself, Erupt and Explosion; it's a bit of a matter of luck whether you can cast Volcano yourself, but try to do so. This will stop Hachimen if placed well. Send some Warmongers at him to finish him off while you do this. If Hachimen dies and the volcano kills off the rest of his army, you should be in an excellent position; convert all that you can (starting with the creatures with most souls) and summon up a new army before he returns. If you fail to cast the Volcano spell, you may be in trouble as Hachimen has a lot of firepower. Try to hurt his army with Blind Rage (cast it at the Phoenix if it's alive), then Rain of Fire.

Once you win, you can push onwards, capturing the two Stratos manaliths just beyond the hill, or you can stay put and fight him a few more times, it doesn't matter. Either way, you'll want to cripple him before you reach Jadugarr's now abandoned and defunct altar. Each consequent battle with Hachimen should be easier as your army grows. Once you feel confident, move out and desecrate Jadugarr's altar; it will fall straight away.

You'll see two Manaliths blocking the way to Hachimen's altar, each guarded by two Bombards. Choose one of them to attack and rush it with bomber units, most likely Pyrodactyls. Speed them up so that they won't all die before getting there. You can support the Pyrodactyls by ordering your Warmongers to Firewalk next to the Bombards, where they'll mow them down in short order.

His final two manaliths are each guarded by 3 Phoenixes, though you'll only need to get rid of one as they don't have the range to reach his altar. A Volcano isn't that effective here; Blind Rage is a better option, combined with a barrage from your Bombards, as the Phoenixes will kill each other while getting wounded further by your bombs. With your destructive Warmongers and other units, you should have no problem desecrating Hachimen's altar and banishing him.

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