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Mithras, as he appears in character selection screen.

Mithras is the tritagonist of Sacrifice's campaign. He is a blind, old seer who foretold the prophecy about the doom of the gods. During the campaign, he accompanies Eldred and Zyzyx as they tell him the story of how this world came to an end. He can be heard commenting on Eldred's story during the entire campaign. He was voiced by Tony Jay.


Before Eldred's Arrival[]

Not much is known about Mithras before the arrival of Eldred to the world. Judging by the way the gods treat him later, he was already a well-respected seer.

The Prophecy[]

Mithras had a vision around the time of Eldred's arrival, which he was asked to share with the gods by Persephone. He did so, reciting the following:

The gods are four, whose works grow cold, as one betrays their laws of old.
Then dark grow deeds and darker hearts, for lost to all are holy arts.
A vagrant comes amidst the gloom, to seal the gaping maw of doom.

The prophecy immediately ignited an argument between the five gods, who started accusing each other of being the "traitor god". Meanwhile, Mithras left the forum of the gods; it is unknown where he was until James' seventh mission, where Seerix was revealed to be holding him prisoner. (Charnel, who had already threatened Mithras with death upon hearing his "blasphemous" prophecy, possibly had him hunted down for this.) Once free, Mithras would accuse Charnel of being the traitor, having summoned the demon lord Astaroth, thus shattering the peace between Charnel and James and possibly leading to the destruction of Charnel. If the player didn't serve James, it is unknown whether he was even captured at all, but he wasn't seen until the end of the ninth mission.

When the Story Began[]

After the fall of most of the gods, Eldred focused all his energy on hunting down Marduk, but everywhere he went, destruction alone greeted him. Somewhere in Stygia, Eldred finally met Mithras. Being wounded, Eldred took care to treat his wounds by reciting incantations. As the blind seer recognized him by his voice, it turned out that he had heard of Eldred at least once before; Eldred would then lament about his failure to prevent the destruction of the world and asked Mithras to help him find where he had failed.

The two walked through the southern islands of Stygia; Eldred recounted every little detail of his life to Mithras (not chronologically though), from the fall of his homeworld Jhera to his final fights in the world of Sacrifice, while all around them the islands were falling apart. Finally, Zyzyx revealed that a Zombie told them about an artifact on a desolate island, and so the three set out to look for Marduk there. As soon as they arrived there, however, Mithras confronted Eldred, mocking him for his failure to see beyond Marduk's destructive powers or for his hunger for power (depending on which god Eldred had served) before turning into Marduk himself and setting the stage for the final showdown.

Mithras or Marduk?[]

So what was the relationship between Mithras and Marduk? Were they one and the same? Did Marduk kill Mithras to assume his form and spread chaos? Or was Mithras truly a hero, as Eldred said (if serving either Persephone or James), who sacrificed himself to let Eldred know the truth? We cannot answer any of these questions for sure, as it isn't entirely explained in-game, but here are a few thoughts on the issue:

  • A real Mithras almost definitely existed before Eldred's arrival, as he had to have built up a reputation enough for the gods to take his prophecy seriously. This excludes the possibility of Marduk and Mithras being the same from the very beginning.
  • However, Marduk may well have killed Mithras and taken his place as an impostor just as Eldred was being introduced to the world. His prophecy turned the gods against each other, which was Marduk's goal from the very beginning, and Stratos later referred to his prophecy as the "false prophecy" if the player served Persephone - either suggesting that he believed the prophecy to be false or that he knew it to be a false prophecy only constructed by Marduk.
  • Mithras' capture by Charnel is another argument for the "impostor Marduk" theory. Once freed, he accuses Charnel of being the traitor because of his conjuration of Astaroth; he claimed to see in a vision that Astaroth is an ally for Marduk, but as Astaroth was later revealed to be used for (unsuccessfully) hunting down Marduk (if Charnel survived) this would have been false.
  • A further argument is that Mithras and Marduk both wave their hands around similarly while talking, and they also carry a similar staff - possibly habits that Marduk couldn't get rid of. (It could also be an accidental bit of character design, of course.)
  • Finally, the discussion between Eldred and Mithras during Interlude - Respite is also worthy of note. During this scene, Mithras deems the world "unworthy" of surviving - just like Marduk would later on.

Based on all of the above, it seems that almost certainly, Marduk killed Mithras and masked as the blind seer to spread uncertainty and doubt and facilitate the fall of the gods. The vexing part about all this is whether he did that before or after the prophecy was foretold.

Name Etymology[]

Mithras received his name from a Persian god Mithra.

Wizard Stats[]

Since he only participates in one mission, and his role in it is not a fighting one, he has the standard stats of a regular wizard.

His color in that mission (and in some where his character can't be selected or hovered over with the mouse) is white, just like Eldred's, for reasons unknown.


Campaign Quotes[]

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Multiplayer Taunts[]

Most of his taunts are actually parts of a prophecy he foretells in the campaign.

  1. The gods are four, whose works grow cold, as one betrays their laws of old.
  2. Then dark grow deeds and darker hearts, for lost to all are holy arts.
  3. A vagrant comes amidst the gloom, to seal the gaping maw of doom.
  4. Behold, and be enlightened!

Related Missions[]

Encountered as Friend during[]


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