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"He was a demon of untold power. A being who seemed to feed off the worlds to which he was summoned... a being of infinite appetite." – Eldred, Allegiance (Intermission)
"I am the embodiment of all creation's ills, and my purpose is but a simple one: to annihilate all that is unworthy. All that is a reflection of myself." – Marduk, Finale
WZ-Marduk 01

Marduk, as he appears in character selection screen.

Marduk (also known as Ashur) is the main antagonist of the story of Sacrifice, an ancient and powerful demon who brings about the destruction of the realms to which he is summoned.



Eldred and Marduk met previously in Eldred's home realm of Jhera when Eldred, desperate to maintain control of his empire, summoned the demon to destroy his encroaching enemies. Marduk, however, reduced the entire world to ruin, forcing Eldred's flight across the Astral Void.

He is brought into the world of Sacrifice by Jadugarr, who took upon himself the task of destroying the gods and the entire world along with them, deeming them all unworthy of existing.

During SacrificeEdit

As the story goes, Marduk gains more following with his wizards in the Cult of Ashur. He appears in person for the first time just to taunt Eldred about fulfilling his wish and explaining that he will also destroy this realm. Marduk also appears in Persephone's last mission when he and his wizards kill Stratos and Abraxus. Most of Marduk's actions are not seen but he always contributes to the death of the gods independent of Eldred. He also killed and took the appearance of Mithras and was listening to Eldred's story. He lastly appears during the game's finale, where he is killed by Eldred.

Name EtymologyEdit

Marduk receives his name directly from a Mesopotamian god. His alias Ashur has a very similar etymology.

Wizard StatsEdit

He is an active participant only in the game's finale and his stats there differ in several degrees from that of a mere wizard. Alongside a full Charnel spellbook and the stats of a regular wizard he also has:

His color in every mission is always dark blue, representing his allegiance and leadership of the Cult of Ashur.



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Marduk uses the same taunts in singleplayer as in multiplayer, with the exception of the following (directed specifically at Eldred):

  • Flee as you did in Jhera!

Multiplayer TauntsEdit

  1. The doom of the world is at hand. Save yourself while you have a chance!
  2. Surrender, and I will kill you quickly.
  3. Show me your rage!
  4. Do you think you can destroy me? I am destruction itself!

Related MissionsEdit

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