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Manahoar CR-icon-Manahoar.png
Associated Gods All
Level 1
Type of Creature Other
Creature Classes Ground, Pacifist
Number of Souls 1 BlueSoul.png
Creature Statistics
Health 550
Mana 0
Damage None
Movement Speed 13.5 m/s
Resistances and Weaknesses
Melee 0%
Direct Ranged 25%
Splash Ranged 25%
Direct Spell 50%
Splash Spell 50%
Creature Abilities
Mana Channeling
"Manahoars are creatures that were designed by the gods to assist their faithful wizards with portable sources of mana. Realizing that wizards could not tap mana when far away from a fountain or Manalith, Manahoars were the instant solution. They are short, rotund beings with stubby legs and large, flapping ears. Their most distinctive characteristic (besides the fact that they have no arms) is a crystal dome embedded deep into their craniums. This dome maintains a psychic link with the Manaliths created by their owners. By remotely sucking up the mana through this link into their bodies, they are able to channel it outwards through the cranial dome to a recipient. Thus, mana is supplied to wizards at just about any location imaginable. Wizards who lose their Manahoars in battle often retreat, for they cannot fight with a cut supply line." – The Manual

Manahoar is every god's level 1 creature.

Creature Information[]


"Good. Now you'll need a MANAHOAR to transmit the mana to you." – Zyzyx, The Gods Themselves

Manahoar is a small and fast support unit that has high resistances and can't attack. Manahoars are an essential part of any game of Sacrifice, as they provide wizards and creatures with one of the three primary resourcesmana.

Manahoar is obtained along with any Level 1 Creatures, along with the spells Speed Up and Heal and most of the Structure Spells. In campaign it is received in any first mission.

Name Etymology[]

Manahoar's name is derived from the words "mana-" and "-hoard", amply describing its characteristics, as a hidden or extra stash of mana. It could also be directly derived from the word "-hoar", which is a crystal not unlike the ones Manahoars have placed inside their cranium.


Little is known about manahoars. They were created by the gods to serve as their wizard's mana supply line. They are universal creatures assisting all wizards and serving all gods.

Abilities and Tactics[]

General Information[]

Manahoars are the most useful creatures in any wizard's arsenal, despite their lack of combat capabilities. They function as a mobile source of mana for wizards as well as other creatures who rely on it: all ranged units need mana to attack from range, and many creatures have useful special abilities that also require mana in order to be activated. The area affected by their 'mana transfer is relatively small, so wizards and creatures need to stick close to them to benefit from their ability.

Manahoars also have a good amount of health and resistance values for their cost, allowing them to withstand any single basic attack spell and even some more advanced spells.

Manahoars move faster than wizards, so should wizards speed themselves up, it is likely that the manahoars will soon keep up with the pace. If the wizard dies in the middle of a battle, the remaining manahoars can still bring him back to fight without him having to travel to a distant mana source. Therefore, killing off enemy manahoars after defeating the wizard can effectively cause the enemy player to withdraw, leaving his souls behind for a player to convert.

Manahoars are also the cheapest creatures in terms of Sacrifice economy. They require a single soul and a mere 1 mana point to be summoned (as opposed to 300 required for any other 1-soul creature), so that they can be easily summoned even if the wizard is significantly drained. Their extremely low summoning cost ensures that in almost all situations the wizard can still summon manahoars, provided they have the souls to do so.

Special and Passive Abilities[]

The amount of mana that manahoars transfer depends on two major circumstances: the proximity and the number of manaliths under wizard's control, and the number of manahoars accompanying the said wizard in a close radius. Thus, the closer the manaliths are and the more manahoars wizards have, the faster does their mana bar replenish. The optimal number of manahoars accompanying a wizard varies from two to five, depending on a wizard's level (higher-leveled wizards require more mana to cast more powerful spells) and the number of souls they can spare – sometimes, summoning an additional creature instead of manahoar can be a difference between victory or defeat. It is also worth noting that manahoars do not transfer mana from either altars or shrines.

The amount of mana received solely from your manahoars is calculated using the following formula:

Mana Regeneration (per second) = Number of Manahoars * Number of Manaliths * 17.5

The formula applied here presumes that a wizard is in a reasonable proximity to both the manahoars and the manaliths. To be more precise, it presumes that the wizard is far enough from the manaliths as to not receive any mana income from them, but not far enough that normal mana distribution via the manahoars should be disrupted or hindered.


The most useful tactic is to order the manahoars to guard the wizard in either phalanx or semicircle formation, so that they position themselves directly behind the wizard - they are therefore both close enough for him to fully benefit from their ability, as well as having the manahoars keep themselves out of harm's way, making sure they do not get in wizard's way.

There is a tactic that benefits from the advantage of Manahoar being so cheap, and it is useful for countering enemy's Death spell: getting wizard close to the 'death' (as it cannot target wizards) and summoning manahoars rapidly can cause death executing them instead of wizard's precious high-level creatures. This however requires wizard's full attention.

Due to manahoars' high resistances it is, in most cases, better to focus the efforts to defeat the wizard first, and then kill the remaining manahoars to make sure the enemy does not come back too soon. As manahoars are almost always accompanying wizard in close proximity, concentrating player's area attacks or multitarget spells on enemy wizard can effectively deal with both the target and his manahoar retinue.


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