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Lord Surtur has been away from home for a long time. I think he started to enjoy the time he spent with Persephone, but he missed his Lady Abraxus.Zyzyx, the first time when Surtur is encountered
Lord Surtur CR-icon-Lord Surtur.png
Associated God Stratos
Level 4
Parent Creature Storm Giant
Creature Classes Ground, Melee
Number of Souls 2 BlueSoul.png
Hero Statistics
Health 2560
Mana 400
Damage (?)
Attack Speed (?) s
Movement Speed 11.25 m/s
Resistances and Weaknesses
Melee 91.5%
Direct Ranged 94%
Splash Ranged 94%
Direct Spell 95%
Splash Spell 95%
Creature Abilities
Stratos' Stats

Lord Surtur is Stratos' level 4 hero.


Lord Surtur is the leader of the great Storm Giants, a group of Titans (not to be confused with the Level 9 Creatures), who were ruling the world of Sacrifice before even the arrival of the gods.

The gods saw the Titans as a great danger to them and the people who lived in their lands. When the gods started to remove the tyrannous and powerful Titans, the gods slayed most of the titans, except the Storm Giants, who resided in the lands of Empyrea. This is because Stratos managed to accommodate the Titans needs and spare them, in exchange for their service. The negotiations probably included the marriage between Lord Surtur and Lady Abraxus, and if the negotiations didn't include this marriage, the marriage definitely strengthened the loyalty of the Storm Giants to Stratos. The Giants and Surtur are so devoted to Stratos that they wear masks in his honor. Unfortunately, peaceful days were over for Surtur after he hosted the famous druid Athelas, who wrote the book of the Fyllid, within his very own domain of Surtur's Keep. Athelas was murdered in his keep, the circumstances unknown, but it seems as though a Stratos servant was responsible. Persephone declared war on Stratos because of the murder of Athelas, and Lord Surtur become her prisoner and was removed from his keep in Empyrea, and brought to Elysium.

When the war of the Prophecy began, the goddess decided she needed to secure an alliance with Stratos, so she let Lord Surtur return to Empyrea and back to his keep. Depending on which god the player chooses to serve (Persephone or Stratos), Surtur will be ambushed on the way back to his lands by one of Charnel's wizards: Either Seerix in Surtur's Keep, or Acheron in Mt.Orichalchis.

Right after his return, Lord Surtur is needed to protect Empyrea fromEmpress Sorcha and Ambassador Buta. If he survives, Surtur will have a reunion with his wife, Lady Abraxus, and will be seen for the rest of game fighting alongside her (until the player or Marduk's forces kill him).

Name Etymology[]

Lord Surtur takes his name from Surtr, likewise a giant in Scandinavian mythology.

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