This is a list of links to other sites devoted to Sacrifice.

General InformationEdit

Various Websites Dedicated to SacrificeEdit

  • Sacrifice Planet – For a long time the only remaining active Sacrifice community. Has since been shut down.
  • Sacrifice Wiki – The Polish version of Sacrifice Wiki.
  • SacPro – A technical support site for playing online multiplayer matches. Contained a number of currently active links to map downloads, patches and troubleshooting guides. Has since been shut down.
  • Steam's Sacrifice Forum – A slow but still active forum for Sacrifice players.
  • Tree-Hugger's YouTube channel – A YouTube channel dedicated to Sacrifice in general.
  • Aztecas' YouTube channel – A YouTube channel that hosts HD videos of multiplayer matches.

Online PurchaseEdit

You can buy a digital or a hard copy of Sacrifice online from the following sources:


Trailers made to promote Sacrifice for various official and unofficial purposes.

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Game ReviewsEdit

As of 21th of February 2002, Sacrifice had a total of 182 reviews, with 149 of them being online reviews, and in 23 of them Sacrifice scored 100%.

Older ReviewsEdit

Most of these reviews are from 2000 or 2001.

Newer ReviewsEdit

More recent reviews.


As of 21th of February 2002, Sacrifice had won 43 awards, received 14 runner-up awards, was only nominated for an award 15 times, and had 12 honorable mentions.

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