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Lightning SP-icon-Lightning.png
Associated God Stratos
Level 1
Type of Spell BA
Casting Mode Mobile
Mana Cost 200
Damage 750
Area of Effect Singular
Spell Duration None
Casting Time 4 s
Cooldown Time 5,5 s
"Simple and direct a single blast of Ligtning can do grievous injury to a greater enemy or strike down a lesser creature outright. The lightning will arc directly from you to your target: so it is advisable to ensure that none of your creature are in the path." – The Manual, The Book of Stratos

Lightning is Stratos' level 1 spell.

Spell Summary[]

"A painful blast of electricity. Shocking, positively shocking." - The Manual, The Book of Stratos

When cast upon something, wizard summons a lightning which instantaneously strikes its target inflicting shock damage.

The spell is obtained together with following spells: Frostwolf, Sylph and Brainiac. In campaign is received in Stratos's first mission.

Unlike all other BA spells, Lightning doesn't follow its target. If cast upon moving target it will predict its movement and strike it, but any terrain obstacles found between the caster and its target will be hit instead. This also applies for creature and structure obstacles. However the advantage of the Lightning is its instant hit, unlike other BA spells which all have to reach its target. It's also the only BA spell which doesn't have splash damage, but makes up for this with greater damage and much faster cast.


Possible Targets for the spell Lightning
Enemy Creatures Neutral Creatures Friendly Creatures Your own Creatures
Enemy Wizards Neutral Wizards Friendly Wizards Yourself
Enemy Structures Neutral Structures Friendly Structures Your own Structures
Ground Flying Creatures Blue Souls Red Souls

Tactical Uses[]

It can kill the following creatures:

Lightning deals the highest damage among its Basic Attack Spell counterparts. It also boasts half of their cooldown time, and costs 100 mana less to cast. Lightning will instantly travel to its target, and has a small hitbox, meaning it is very accurate, and will almost always hit its target, unlike the other Basic Attack Spells. However, it lacks in Splash Damage, which all other Basic Attack Spells have.

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