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"There's Jadugarr, last of the centaurs. He abandoned Stratos after his people were slaughtered.
I think he's still a bit... bitter about it.
" – Zyzyx, first time Jadugarr is encountered

Jadugarr, as he appears in character selection screen.

Jadugarr (mentioned in Scapex as Khiros and aside that Jarnwar in some of the concept art) is a centaur wizard who used to serve Stratos as an Elementalist. He is also the founder of the Cult of Ashur and Marduk's prime champion.


A Bitter Sole Survivor[]

Before the beginning of the campaign, Jadugarr was in the employ of Stratos. It is unknown whether the centaurs were traditional followers of Stratos or if he had his own reason to use his magical expertise to further Stratos' goals.

Due to circumstances unexplained in both the game and the manual, the centaurs were exterminated, most likely by force. Whether it was due to Stratos' negligence or if Stratos even had a direct role in their extermination, again remains vague. What is certain is that Jadugarr was devastated by this loss and generalized the blame on all of the gods. From that point onwards, he would seek revenge against the gods who allowed this to happen.

It was during Stratos' protection mandate of Golgotha that Jadugarr decided to summon a demon to realize his wish (even though it was never revealed as such, it was implied). Instead of stopping him, Stratos created a plan to use Jadugarr's summoning of the demon Marduk for his own purposes – the sole domination of the world of Sacrifice.

Cult Leader[]

From the earliest days of Eldred's arrival, Jadugarr, probably through the guidance of Marduk, realized Eldred's value to his goal. If the player played the first mission with Persephone, Jadugarr would assist the player when the situation slipped out of control, saving dozens of innocent peasants. After hearing the prophecy of Mithras, Jadugarr started to spread the Cult of Ashur (a new name for Marduk in the world of Sacrifice) through good deeds and swaying rhetoric, claiming that Ashur was the only one who could save everybody. Coinciding with the war between the gods, his teachings were taken very seriously, especially by the residents of the Glebe and Elysium.

While Persephone and James wanted to discover more about the Cult, Pyro and Charnel saw it as a nuisance and wanted its immediate annihilation. It is possible for Eldred to be sent on both of these tasks, in which he eventually learns that Jadugarr wants the gods dead and that Ashur is the demon Marduk, the same entity that destroyed Eldred's homeworld of Jhera. Even when confronted with this fact Jadugarr turned a blind eye to it, blinded by his quest for vengeance. After he escaped a trap in Telluria, set up for him by the Proles and the Minions, Jadugarr escaped to Urghaz where he was finally banished by the Faithful.

With this act, his preachings were stopped, but the Cult of Ashur continued to thrive. The most important convertee was Hachimen, a mercenary wizard. Jadugarr saw a long pause before he was put again in action (whether it took more time for Marduk to revive him than it would have taken the gods remains uncertain). However, he managed to slay the demon lord Charnel summoned with the purpose of finding Marduk.

Divine Slayers[]

Depending on the god the player served, Jadugarr would assist in the annihilation of the opposing gods under instructions of Marduk who allegedly pledged allegiance to Stratos, most likely much to Jadugarr's dismay, even though he only had to pretend. Jadugarr is also a most likely opponent in the last mission before the finale. He either helps defend Stratos in his home of Thryhring (before eventually turning against him, and watching while Marduk destroys Stratos), helps Stratos in the invasion of Agothera (while Marduk secretly destroys Stratos in Thryhring) or destroys Stratos (and loses to Eldred who came to inspect Thryhring).

Fate of the Spirit of Vengeance[]

Even though he is defeated in most of the gods' campaigns in one of the last missions, he is only seen actually dying in James' ninth mission, when he was slain without an altar. If Marduk managed to revive him before Marduk's defeat at the hands of Eldred, is unknown, although a mock message in the credits of the game has Jadugarr make a claim of returning for his revenge.

Name Etymology[]

Jadugarr's name most likely comes from the Hindi word Jaadugar, which means magician.

Wizard Stats[]

For all of the missions he participates in, he shares the same values as any wizard, but also has:

The only exception to these is Persephone's first mission in which he receives no bonuses, but his participation in the mission is also rather limited.

His color in every mission is always dark blue, representing his patron, Ashur.


Campaign Quotes[]

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Multiplayer Taunts[]

  1. <grunt>
  2. You should not have come here!
  3. Prepare yourself!
  4. Astaroth could not defeat me. What makes you think you'll fair any better?


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