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"Hachimen is a mercenary. He's served lots of different gods, but fire spells are his specialty." – Zyzyx, first time Hachimen is encountered

Hachimen, as he appears in character selection screen.

Hachimen is a wizard mercenary, who has no constant god which he would serve, although he specializes in Pyro's sorcery. While he is composed of two beings he is almost universally treated as a single individual. He later joins the Cult of Ashur and becomes one of Marduk's champions.


Mercenary's Life[]

Before the beginning of Sacrifice's campaign, Hachimen was a mercenary who served all gods for a price. This can be witnessed best by looking at all the possible spell lists he can have.

His first mention in the campaign is when Cindercrag is attacked by the forces of Glebe. If the player helped Stratos in assisting James, both Hachimen and Buta are sent to defend Ash, while Sorcha defends Cindercrag and the Pyrodraulic Dynamo™ stationed there. If the player chose to directly assist James but switched allegiances during the mission, Eldred will mention that Pyro capitalized on James' defeat by hiring Hachimen to exploit the opening in James' defenses even before the battle in Cindercrag was over.

Hachiman can even be spotted in Cindercrag itself if James's Yeomen failed to crush the Proles in Cindercrag, and Charnel chooses to betray Pyro for James. Again with Buta, Hachimen defends the Dynamo from destruction by Charnel's Minions.

The Initiation[]

Sometime after the whole affair with the Dynamo passed and before either Pyro or James had been destroyed, Hachimen got involved with the Cult of Ashur. Seeing as how the foretold doom of the gods is approaching, Hachimen decides to join, what he considers, the winning side, probably through Jadugarr since most of the missions he spends helping the centaur.

Unless playing with Stratos, Hachimen would be the most likely opponent in one of the last missions. Thus Pyro encounters him in Idylliac, where Jadugarr and Hachimen had just finished off Persephone. Likewise Charnel finds the same duo in Thryhring after they have dispatched Stratos and his champion.

In Persephone's last mission the same duo is actually helping Stratos defend himself from Persephone's attack, but only for Marduk himself to arrive to destroy Stratos. They can, again, be seen helping Stratos to slay James, but again only long enough for Marduk to kill Stratos himself.


Hachimen's fate after the campaign is uncertain. In almost all scenarios he has been banished in one of the final missions, never to be seen again. But Marduk's connection to his wizards is different from those of gods and theirs. But even if he outlived Marduk and was not destroyed after the demon fell at the hands of Eldred, serving Marduk would probably make him hated by the last standing god, whoever he may be.

Name Etymology[]

Hachimen received his name from Hachiman, the Japanese god of archery and war.

Wizard Stats[]

For all of the missions he participates in, he shares the same values as any wizard, but his spell list is different in every mission.

Added spells for Stratos' fifth mission:

Added spells for Charnel's sixth mission:

Added spells for Pyro's eighth mission:

Added spells for Persephone's ninth mission:

Added spells for James' ninth mission:

Added spells for Charnel's ninth mission:

His color in those missions is mostly dark blue, representing his patron, Ashur.

The only exceptions to that are Stratos' fifth mission in which Hachimen's color is teal, probably representing his mercenary employment and Charnel's sixth mission in which his color is yellow representing his allegiance to Pyro.


Multiplayer Taunts[]

  1. We're going to get you!(?)
  2. Show us what you've got!
  3. Time to get payed! Oh yeah!
  4. The gods have no future!

Related Missions[]

Encountered as Foe during[]


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