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"Now Grakkus there is none too quick on his feet. It's probably because he leads such a sedimentary life." – Zyzyx, first time Grakkus is encountered

Grakkus, as he appears in character selection screen.

Grakkus (mentioned in Scapex as Stymon) is a geomancer and one of James' champions. Unlike James' other wizard Charlotte, he is rarely seen out of the Glebe, more often protecting the lands of James than invading the realms of other gods.


Slow Paced Leader of the Yeomen[]

Nothing is known about Grakkus and his ordeals that happened before the story of Sacrifice. However, we can assume that somehow he became a geomancer and a high-ranking commander of the Yeomen.

Just before the war between James and Pyro started, Grakkus was stationed in the fortress of Karn, when an envoy from Pyro came and sought an alliance. While multiple results might have come from this, the fault of the failure of the negotiations falls either on the arrogance of Pyro's wizard leading the mission or on an incident caused by the uncontrollable Firefists, that were to be offered as a gift. Either way, Grakkus took arms to banish the "diplomats", and failed to do so, meaning that one of Glebe's finest lands fell into the hands of the Proles and that the peaceful James had been dragged into the war with Pyro on Stratos' and Persephone's side.

The Siege of Cindercrag and its Aftermath[]

If Grakkus had defended any lands during this war, it remains unspecified. His aid is required further in an attack on Cindercrag alongside Charlotte, but only if Eldred choose to defend the slave-demanding Pyrodraulic Dynamo™ there. If that was the case, he failed again. If Eldred continued his service to Pyro, Grakkus would be seen one last time in the futile defense of Agothera, Glebe's capital (again alongside Charlotte), after all of Glebe was easily overrun following the defeat at Cindercrag. There he would be defending James's ultimate altar.

The War[]

If the player played the campaign with Stratos, and Stratos had won the favor of both Persephone and James by defending their realms, both of them would entrust many lands to the care of the Lord of the Heavens. This, however, would be their undoing because Stratos would betray them and ultimately destroy them in his missions. The death of James and Grakkus' defense of Agothera against the Servants of Stratos would also be seen in one of those missions, but with Charlotte, not him, defending the ultimate altar.

If the player, however, played with James, Grakkus would be encountered as Eldred's assistant in the defense of Agothera against the combined forces of Stratos and Marduk. The defense would ultimately be a success and Stratos would receive a death blow by Marduk, who used the invasion of Agothera as a distraction while he could invade Thryhring.

Lord's Fate[]

Grakkus' fate depends entirely on the god the player had served. Only if the player finished the campaign with either Persephone or James can Grakkus' fate be counted as positive. He survives and, if the game was played with Persephone, remains James' champion.

If the player served Pyro or Stratos, the death of Grakkus and his master could be seen firsthand. If the player served Charnel, Grakkus is presumed dead when Marduk destroyed James. He might even be the one who defended his ultimate altar.

Name Etymology[]

Grakkus is named after one of the Gracchi brothers, reformers in the Roman Republic who were both assassinated.

Wizard Stats[]

For all of the missions he participates in, he shares the same values as any wizard, but also has:

His color in those missions is always brown, representing his patron god, James.


Multiplayer Taunts[]

  1. I will crush you!
  2. If you struggle, it will hurt more.
  3. For the Glebe!
  4. Rocks!

Related Missions[]

Encountered as Friend during[]

Encountered as Foe during[]


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