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Gammel is one salty old veteran. "Hero of the First Battle of Karn" to hear him tell it. Oh, he's handy to have in a fight, to be sure, but he could have a touch more respect for his betters, if you ask me.Zyzyx, the first time when Gammel is encountered
Gammel CR-icon-Gammel.png
Associated God James
Level 5
Parent Creature Ikarus
Creature Classes Air, Melee
Number of Souls 3 BlueSoul.png
Hero Statistics
Health 3360
Mana 600
Damage (?)
Accuracy 250
Attack Speed (?) s
Movement Speed 7.03125 m/s
Flying Speed 12.75 m/s
Resistances and Weaknesses
Melee 90.25%
Direct Ranged 96.5%
Splash Ranged 96%
Direct Spell 98.5%
Splash Spell 93.5%
Creature Abilities
James' Stats

Gammel is James' level 5 hero.


Gammel is an Ikarus and a war veteran. He will be accompanying the player in each of James's missions. He fought in the First Battle of Karn, which may suggest that Karn might be his homeland. To support this theory, in James's fourth mission , Gammel won't show up next to the player's altar, but leading a group of Karn's last defenders. If the player serves other gods, like Pyro or Stratos, Gammel will be seen in Agothera, defending James's last bastion.

Bugs and Notes[]

In James's fourth mission Gammel is necessary for one scene, so even if you let him die in one of James's previous missions, he will just magically come back to life.

Name Etymology[]

Gammel gets his name from the danish word "gammel" meaning old or ancient.

Related Missions[]

Controllable during[]

Encountered as Foe during[]


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