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Firefist CR-icon-Firefist.png
Associated God Pyro
Level 3
Type of Creature Brawler
Creature Classes Ground, Melee
Number of Souls 2 BlueSoul.png
Creature Statistics
Health 1280
Mana 0
Damage 140-380
Attack Speed 1.4 s
Movement Speed 8 m/s
Resistances and Weaknesses
Melee 40%
Direct Ranged 10%
Splash Ranged 10%
Direct Spell 0%
Splash Spell 0%
Creature Abilities
Pyro's Stats
Increased Attack
"What do you get when you take a big, savage brute, put burners on its forearms, and attach fuel tanks around its body? Even distribution of weight is one thing, but more importantly, something you might call instant devastation. Pyro calls it a Firefist. More than that, Pyro doesn’t care to say." – The Manual, The Book of Pyro

Firefist is Pyro's level 3 creature.

Creature Information[]


"It looks like Pyro's found a way to enslave trolls and make them work for him." – Zyzyx, Balance of Power (Pyro)

The creature is obtained along with Rings of Fire and in campaign is received in Pyro's third mission. It shares its unit model with Troll.

Name Etymology[]

Firefist's name is derived from the word "fire-" and "-fist", amply describing its mode of attack.


Firefists are a sub-species of the Trolls, enslaved by Pyro. On instigations of Faestus, a Gnome with known hatred for the Trolls, Pyro ransacked Urghaz, home of the Trolls, and abducted their infants. The result were the Firefists. Less enduring, but more aggressive then their Faithful cousins, they earned Faestus high respect in Pyro's eyes.

Since they have no specified home, they are presumed to be spread out all over Pyroborea.


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  • Troll? NOT TROLL!
  • Firefist...

Movement Orders[]

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Attack Orders[]



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Abilities and Tactics[]

General Information[]

Special and Passive Abilities[]

Passive Abilities: As it takes damage, it deals out more damage.



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