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Custom CampaignsEdit


A short section dedicated for ideas which hope to fix some existing issues with the game hypotetically:

  • Firefist: Will be given the Run Away ability.
  • Ranger: Divine Sight will retain its current uses, however in addition the player will also have the opporunity to adapt a wide array of uses for this skill. Enemies targeted by the Divine Sight will be prioritized, so that rangers will likely prefer to attack them first as long they are within attack range, if no other enemies are nearby the sight range of the rangers will now cause them to chase after the prioritized targets. Note that the Divine Sight will still prefer closest targets to mark, hence using this ability carefully can be of high importance to success.
  • Slyph: Will be given a new ability, Phasmic Accuracy.
  • Jabberocky: Quake will be reworked to no longer knock-down, rather do a shockwave of damage that is very effective at killing low level units, especially flying units. (within a relatively small range)
  • Hellmouth: Will no longer have Devour as an ability, instead will be given a new ability. Blood Omen.
  • Tickferno: Will now apply a short maximum-mana reduction effect to the target, that while burning away some of the mana of the target, will also reduce at which rate his mana reserves can be replenished and in addition also reducing the maximum mana reserves. Over time this effect weakens easing up and allowing for a better stream of mana regeneration.
  • Ent: Ent's ability Protector will now have an additional fire-up time of 2.0 seconds.
  • Gremlin: Will no longer have Web Pull as an ability, instead now it will own a passive abilty that can give her the chance to cast an Entangling Attack on enemies hit, rooting them in place briefly. While simultaneously also giving her the ability Lifeshield which ofcourse is an Activate-to-use-Ability.
  • Flummox: Will have a new ability, Spikeback.
  • Pyrodactyl: Viscous Oil will no longer stun units however will still prevent them from attacking. Wizards will no longer be silenced if their shield is active before being oiled. The full duration of oil on any unit is now maximum 8 seconds, the targets closest to the center of effect will be silenced the longest, units close by affected by the spreading effect of oil will be silenced for reduced time periods, to a minimum of 3 seconds. The splash range in which the oil spreads across victims will be greatly reduced. And upon any damage done to the target the effect will immediately break. Fire damage will still gain double the damage bonus done to oiled targets, however will immediately break other effects.
  • Basilisk: Basilisk's Petrifying Attack will now vary depending on the unit targeted, enemies with less health and soulcount will be stunned for an excessive period of time, allowing the basilisk to hold up to a maximum of two low level units in stone simultaneously. The attack pattern of the basilisk will be also adjusted so that it will no longer fire at units which are already petrified, unless the break-time of the petrifying effect lasts shorter than the recharge time of the creature.
  • Scarab: Scarabs will no longer attack enemy units.
  • Squall: Squals will now do extra damage to freezed targets, as long they can shatter the ice.
  • Dragon: Dragons will no longer have the Breath of Life ability, instead they will given the improvised Divine Sight ability.
  • Rhinok: The cooldown of Halo of Earth will be reduced slightly, by 5 seconds from 45 to 40 seconds.
  • Fallen: Fallen's ability Play Dead will retain its effects, in addition every time the fallen surprises an enemy attacking from Play Dead they will almost immediately attack aright after the first shot, there is only about 0,3 second delay between the two shots, giving them a chance at greatly damaging fragile enemies if used correctly.
  • Necryl: Necryls will gain a new passive, whenever they stand still for more than 20 seconds, they will gain a Blood Shot, a Blood Shot will replace their basic attack and do triple the damage as DOT, and no longer poison. In addition if the necryl has the Blood Shot effect unfired their body grows slightly larger and blood-filled, if in such case they are killed the 3 times damage poison will now effect enemies who would be poisoned by the explosion of its intenstines. Since the Blood Shot deals its dot damage 3x as quickly aswell as its ordinary poison, it can be a quite powerful asset, if used correctly, or the most powerful nuisance for a careless foe.
  • Netherfiend: The netherfiend's ability Devour will no longer destroy the souls so that if the Netherfiend dies and its souls are accidentally picked up by the player, he will regain all the souls lost.
  • Gnome: Gnomes will gain an additional 15% damage to their basic attacks.
  • Abomination: Abominations now have a slight chance at pushing enemies away from themselves if they arent already attacking, the distance is barely more than an arm stretch, only to give them more time to carefully strike with their projectile attack next time.

~~~~ Additional Adjustments to Spells:

  • Dragonfire: The cooldown of Dragonfire will be reduced to 40 seconds. -5 seconds.
  • Demonic Rift: The cooldown of Demonic Rift will be increased to 45 seconds. +5 seconds.
  • Wailing Wall: The cooldown of Wailing Wall will be increased to 80 seconds. +10 seconds.
  • Vinewall: Vinewall will briefly root enemies for 2 seconds every 5 seconds in range.
  • Charm: Charm might potentially be nerfed, so it lasts 3 minutes, allowing for one charm to be active at a time, expiring briefly before the cooldowns are up. Ofcourse note that if the charmed unit dies while under the effect its souls will turn back to its owner, so the charm user will not be able to collect the souls just by walking over them.
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