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Beautiful, but useless part of the Ethereal Realm

Ethereal Realm is a trans-mundane island and part of no known realm of gods.


While its position or place of existence in the world of Sacrifice is unknown, the Ethereal Realm is without a doubt a part of it. It is a celestial place created to function as a forum for the gods. It is here where they discuss each other's agendas and actions if they feel friendly enough to do so. When such a thing happens, private communication between them can also occur. It is also a place where the spiritual forms of wizards come, through meditation and prayer, to speak to their respective god and receive guidance or instructions, without being obstructed by other wizards or gods.

It is unknown if the Ethereal Realm even exists as an actual place. However, it is made out of two main sections. The first is the forum with the five statues of the gods to which a wizard must approach to speak to the statue's respective god. The texture of the outskirts in front of statue have the texture of the realm of that god. The other section is an archipelago of ethereal texture which serves no purpose except maybe for the decorative one.

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